Thursday, January 05, 2006


Today I ...

Let myself lie in the bath for half an hour with a trashy novel instead of cleaning up someone else's mess in the kitchen. (It's still there. I don't care.)

Then I told my lazy-assed husband that if he didn't even apply for funding for school in the fall, that I wouldn't pay a penny of it. (If he applies and gets turned down, that's a different matter, but if he doesn't even try, he doesn't want it enough.)

Now I'm going to buy myself dinner at my favourite Greek restaurant instead of having crackers and cheese for dinner. Then I'm gonna work.

The Boring Scarf is at 32" now. 2.25" got accomplished at work last night after I finished fixing The Great Database Fuckup of ought six.

The year's off to a good start.

Until I start on Eris.


Sheesh. I was looking at Eris today. Now you're making me want even more to do it.

Ok, my word verification word is "zibbytv."

"Don't touch that blog, folks! Zibby TV is on the air!"

I'm calling you Zibby from now on.
Sounds like a lovely evening (well, maybe not the telling off of husband bit, but it probably felt good) - hope dinner was great!
Excellent. I love long hot soaks in the tub and treating myself to good food. My dinner is often a cheese sandwich, so I can relate.

Oh, and remember how I was a bit frightened about opening the 10 pages of Rogue pattern instructions? Well, the other night I did it anyway. There aren't 10 pages. There are 17. Yes, seventeen. SEVENBLOODYTEEN. I'm still gonna knit a sweater for myself, but that one definitely ain't gonna be the one I start with. Did I mention there are SEVENTEEN pages in the pattern?
Right on, sister!
It's about time you papmered yourself a bit. ;)
Greek food, followed by another relaxing bath sounds like an excellent idea.
Spousal units who are useless in these ways you describe can be excised. Trust me, I have the process down to an art form. Let me know if you need help.

(My magic word down there to allow my comment to post is sinkwhiz. Why oh why would blogger inflict such a visual on me?)
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