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Telus Sucks Monkey Nads

So, like most people in BC, I get my phone service from Telus.

I transferred my long distance service to another company a couple of years ago and endured a fairly unpleasant harangue from a Telus employee for quite some time when he called to see if I "really wanted to give my business to a big American company." I have an unlisted number. He shouldn't have been allowed to call me at all. I pay a fee every month so that people won't call me about shit like that and I had made my preference clear.

And so I paid the big American Company and was very happy. And then Telus seems to have decided to take my business back, despite my explicit refusal to buy long distance services from them.

I looked at my bill in December and phoned them saying hey, what is this 4.95 charge?

The chick I talked to, Jennifer, said that it was a long distance administrative charge. I told her I didn't have long distance service with Telus and had to have it removed. I asked her how long the charge had been on there and she said since April. I said well remove it from April until now. She said she couldn't and it was my responsibility to check my bill every month. I asked why it would be my responsibility to check that her company had not illegally placed charges on my bill. She repeated, rudely, that it was my responsibility to let them know that I had long distance service with another company. I told her that I had done so when I switched, a couple of years ago, and it wasn't my job to check if they were adding illegeal charges to my account. And then she went sort of rank and put me on hold. When she came back I asked to speak to her supervisor and she refused to transfer me, saying "I can help you." I told her that unless she could undo all of the illegal charges since April then she wasn't able to help me at all. Then she got mad again.

And rude.

So I told her that I thought she was rude and would like to make a complaint.

She gave me a number, and some guy named Patrick told me that he didn't know who she was and couldn't take a complaint call because it was a billing issue.

And so I sort of gave up.

And the charge is on my bill again this month. For a service I don't have, or at least I didn't request. I guess if the charge is there I can use the service, can't I?

I'm going to call everyone I know, long distance, for the next month, and then get a cellphone from another company and never EVER use the snatches at Telus again. And not pay the bill.

I'm not interested in paying a company that puts illegal charges on people's bills and then won't even let them fix it, or complain.

Telus, you suck donkeyballs, and I hope the donkeys didn't have a shower ahead of time.


Phone companies suck.. I have to check my bill every month because some company I've never heard of tried to charge me $140 a few months ago. Like I wouldn't notice? Please. Then they insisted that someone in my house made the calls (apparently the cat is calling San Francisco again..)and got ruder and ruder until I had to play "talk to the supervisor" games.

PS. The word "assferrets" made me snort my tea..
I don't know what they call it in Canada but in the US it's called Slamming. I've placed complaints about that and other sleazy business tactics with the State's Attorney's office. Who, in Vermont, actually follows up and investigates that kind of thing. Is there a similar entity in BC? If you have the energy to deal with it, that is! Good luck. Lousy SOB's. Or Assferrets (that was a good one).
Call 1-700-555-4141 from your home phone. That'll tell you who your LD carrier is. If you hear anyone OTHER than Telus, they're not carrying your long distance, just decided to put the charge on your bill for no reason apparently. File a complaint with the CRTC. Seriously. Because when you made the switch to the other company, Telus were informed. Otherwise they wouldn't have been able to call you to try and win you back, would they? You're little Jennifer is dead wrong.
Before you go getting all reckless with your phone habits there, wait for me to get back to you, 'kay? I just sent the bulk of your text to a buddy of mine at Telus who's VP of almost everything. Oh, and let me know what you hear on the 700 number. And if you're getting LD bills from the big American Company of your choice.
I believe in Canada it's called "Being Giant Screaming Snatches".

I'll use Telus until they cut me off, and I will never EVER give them one more penny of my hard-earned cash.

We'll have some fun with the collection agencies. I'll win. Again.
You have a gift, you know that?
I'm with Rachel - don't use the Telus service and try that 700 number to see what's up.

You shouldn't have had to contact Telus at all - the big American company should've taken care of that for you. Someone in one of those companies goofed up - it could be a technical thing (database or computer) or a person thing (data entry), but something is amiss.

I work in telecom billing (in the tech geek side of it, not the answering phones and lying to people side). A statistic our boss is always tossing out is that something like 80% of all telecom bills are incorrect. That's not all consumer side - a lot of it is telephone companies billing each other.
Rabbitch, fight it out through the proper channels. Your way, although fun, will take longer. That service rep was completely rude and WRONG. And it's hard to buy a house when you're fighting collection, even if you win.

Besides, having to deal with a complaint to the CTRC will cause them an amount of aggravation at least equal to that of getting to talk to a supervisor. Remember, Telus is already in shit with the CTRC for bad service.
I have not posted here before but was moved to do so today because of your phone company blues.

I have been dealing with Verizon, in the US for the past 6 months. I have logged of over 50 hours talking to them trying to straighten out their billing mess. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing as far as DSL and long distance and biz accounts and residential accounts. The latest is, and I am telling the Gospel truth, I was told that because a certain charge was on my bill and I haven't disputed it before now (because I didn't know what their CUSTOPAC meant!) shows my compliance and agreement with the charges.

Uh, whu?

Keep ranting and encourage everyone to carefully examine their phone bills!

Oy that's annoying. When I switched companies a few months back, I wasn't getting service from either because of some jackass switching problem which has since been rectified (same day) but my old company mailed me a bill for less than the price of a stamp and called asking why I changed - well, getting bills for less than the price of a stamp was one reason, fucktards!
I think it's a law that all telephone companies must be irritating. Not only has my current phone company lied to me about installation dates, etc, but the one we had before we moved was worse.

In the normally world, a company sends a customer a bill. Customer pays bill, all should be well. Yes?

Apparently one of us was confused in the arrangement, though. Every time I paid the bill, they cut off our service. If I didn't pay the bill, they left it on. I finally just stopped paying them, and paid the balance after we moved.

It makes me wish that our house got good enough cell signal to ditch the regular phone. Of course, cell companies are another mess altogether.
Just wanted to say, you have the best line in curses.

Although I am sorry your phone company is buggering you about.
so email me if you wanna call me....
Try emailing or call and demand to speak with Darren Entwhistle - he is the CEO.

I worked there, I left when they went from BCTEL to TELUS, it is just not the same anymore
telus is so fucking awful. im just glad to see this many people hate them.
i just switched to telus and i alread y am so sick with them i got my first bill and i have a 35$ plan the bill for 1 month was 89$..they charged my 29 bucks for a long distance call i never made..and then almost 20 in service charges.what the hell is this companies fucking problem
Hey PPL! Here are but a FEW of the problems I have experienced as a Telus customer. I have been with them for years, and have had problems since day one back in 2001. I can assure you that I will NOT be returning come next March.

So, just a WORD of advice, STEP 1 ALWAYS call the customer care line and GRAB as much info you can from them. Use this to help prove your case. BUT do not tell the person who you are. STEP 2 in making ANY complaint, always send an email. IN IT, do NOT be vulgar, or mean. Just state the facts AS they happened. Explain WHY they are in the wrong, logically, and the events that led up to your problem. STEP 3 - ADDRESS the email to be forwarded to 'The President's Office'

Also - Please note that for cellphones, that the Telecommunications Act of Canada FORBIDS telemarketing on the phone. So when ANY company calls you on it, utter those words 'This is a cell phone' and THEY will hang up on you.

Well my phone is SHYT! I mean I am sur eyou are not surprised that a Razr is CRAP, but I mean COM ON! This is JUST SAD!

So I get the phone, and switch from Telus' Mike network to the PCS after the Mike phone I purchased was stolen. So when I went to the store, they said 'YA! noooo problem'. They were going to cancel my OLD Mike contract and put me on a NEW contract with PCS, under the condition I sign for two years. So I said lets do it up! BUT what happens? Well after about a month on the new phone, I find out that they did NOT cancel my Mike plan. So, I call them up and they tell me that they will cancel the contract right away and ignore the bill. One month later I get ANOTHER bill for over $200. This bill represents by BROKEN contract. So I call them up again, and explain the situation. The lady tells me that I cannot just cancel a contract and not pay the fine. I explained to her that the agreement was that I didn't have to so long as I signed up for another two years (which I did). Well long story short, I call them NUMEROUS times. I must have spent about20 HOURS on the phone, talking to different representatives, tracking down the guy that sold me the phone (since he moved stores) and FINALLY having to talk to the President's Office. AFTER all of which, they said, Yes, we promised to cancel your contract so long as you signed up again. and Yes you will not recieve another bill. But it didnt end there.

See when I bought the phone I expressed concern to them that I needed a Pickering/Ajax number so that I can call LOCAL to TORONTO from WHITBY. Now, on my Old Mike this was NOT a problem AT ALL! But apparently since the PCS runs a different system, oh boy WAS IT EVER! So they told me to start that YES I could do local calls from Whitby (which is what got me to switch to PCS in the first place), but after only a month I noticed that I had long distance calls on my bill that should not be there. How do I know? Becasue, they said the calls came from Oshawa... I had not been in Oshawa for MONTHS. So I call them up , and after lenghty talks and talking to a supervisor, they modified the charges. This happened for about 10 months. Every month I would get the bill with hundreds in long distance that should be local, and have to call in. Now sometimes they were like 'sure, no problem', BUT many times they were like, 'no' because 'how do we know you are not lying'. Well I took offense to this. So I eventually got ahold of the President's office again and explaind to him this. That if i stand in the BACK of my house, in the back yard, that I can make LOCAL calls, but the moment that I step through to my front door, they become long distance. He said I was picking up a wrong tower. But I told him that doesn't matter. I am IN WHITBY. He could only tell me that I was on the border. BUT, I then told him that SOMETIMES I would be in other parts of Whitby, closer to Toronto, and have the same problem. His only response was that it was an 'As Is' Contract, that I could do nothing.

BULL SHIT. You can not tell a customer something and then have it different on papaer KNOWING they wont read it. THATS THE LAW BITCH.

So For 10 months I argued it, that is until I FINALLY moved to downtown whitby. I havn't had much problems for that since... BUT there are MORE!

So the next problem came when my phone started having software problems. The Menu would shit and I could NEVER edit my contacts informaiton. I put up woth that until a button fell off. So I call them up and they tell me to bring it in for servicing. I did. 2 weeks later it comes back, and not 1 day goes by that the menu starts acting up again. AND, when my gf went to pull off the protective sticker they put on it, the SCREEN CAME OFF!

Well when I call in, guess what they offer me. $25 for BREAKING IT! HA

So I am now waiting to hear back from the President's office about what they will be doing for me now that THEY BROKE MY PHONE

Bottom line - TELUS SUCKS

WAIT! THEY JUST CALLED! And they are sending me a REFIRB phone... lol So should I take bets on how long?
Has anyone had problems with telus pay as you go? i am new to it (3 weeks) bought card befor exp time but after money was gone. loded card into account, and was on my merry way. Next day 50 dollar card expiers, WHAT THE WHAT??!! Husband and me are shocked apperently when you call #123 you should listen to all opptions even though opp #1 is to top up account press number one, to pay by credit card press #2 while i dont have time to listen to all opp when the first one offered was to top up account. Found out that if the money has run out before you top up you have to chose opp #4 instead of the rational #1. So in 24 hours we burned 50 dollars. as well all the incomeing/outgoing calls never notified us that our balance was going down and we were scolded on the phone by CC rep that when the balance said 50 instead of 10 which is apperantly what happens when you use the talk plane with eveanings and weekends free, incomeing any time of day that we were responsible to know that we did it wrong and rather than say ok new and dear to our heart and pocket customer, let me reset that and tell you not to let it happen again they would place blame on us that we should sit and read the stupid booklet from front to back, why than is pay as you go so time consuming and why are they so going out of there way to misinform consumers!!?? MONEY!
Tel-us how we suck

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