Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Some Day You Will Find Me, Caught Beneath The Landslide

First time I ever heard that song, I thought Oasis was singing "carpeting the landslide" and I was really concerned about such OCD behaviour. I mean, dude. Even my mother isn't that insane.


Anyhow, it seems that they were saying "caught beneath the landslide". Boys gotta learn to enunciate! (Insert a long blustering diatribe from Foghorn Leghorn here.)

I am, indeed, caught beneath a landslide of gifts this week. I'm almost blushing at the obscene wealth that has been pouring through my door.

First were some chocolates from MarQ1.

OK, they were Christmas chocolates but they arrived during my birthday week and like hell I'm going to share them. Well, maybe with the hubby. Certainly not with a small person who likes everything to be chemical-strawberry-flavoured.

That very same day (yesterday), a package arrived from Ann containing some wool (colour #1417, peacock) and an utterly delicious shawl pin.

There are big plans afoot for this yarn, as some of the self-same stuff has been sent to me by the beauteous Jen.

Cashmere. Lots of it. *cackle* This is a fun game.

Today, Tuesday, I received a package of beautifully hand-painted sock yarn from Patti (won for having a truly terrible gift one Christmas) and a box from Rebecca containing a handmade cardigan in a gorgeous purply shade, a skein of Merino Superwash roving (purchased at the New England Sheep and Fibre Orgy last year, I believe), and two skeins of Lorna's Laces (Black Watch).

This is all a great relief, as you know I was almost out of yarn and spinning fibre, don't you? (No, you may NOT look in the storage closet, in the hall closet, in any of the bags or boxes in my daughter's room, in any of the boxes behind my work area or in any of the storage bins out front of the house. No. Almost out, I tell you! You can't look in either of my tote bags, either. Or that suitcase. And please ignore the three bowls of fibre on top of the piano and the stuff hanging from the heat register in the bathroom.)

I'm beginning to suspect I might not be at all well.

I spent this evening at my weaving and spinning guild meeting, where I got to meet the lovely Marlene, which was a treat! I would have liked to have spent more time chatting and less time discussing Guild business but um, seeing it was a business meeting ...

Yeah. Not much to be done there.

I hope to repeat the experience soon, perhaps with less of the business and more of the wool stuff. (She brought her shawl along for me to see -- it's incredibly beautiful!)

And now, to cap off an excellent day (with a few glitches) I'm going to ... um, well, I'm going to change the litterbox. I was trying to come up with something a little more glamorous-sounding but yeah, the litterbox and then some knitting (seeing Marlene helped me figure out what was wrong with my sock).

Pictures tomorrow. I'm too damned lazy today. Deal, babies.

And a happy birthday week to ya, Bun!
Awright, 'fess up. What was wrong with the sock? I was starting to think you were never going to get your share of sock grief.

Glad to hear about the good week. You deserve it and about bloody time.
Excellent landslide!
Woah. Where do you live exactly? And at what times is everyone out of the house? I'll just break in and steal the... the litterbox, that's it. ;)
You mean that's not what he's saying? That's how I hear it every time the song is on the radio.. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the singer of Oasis needed to stop going to Home Depot looking for DIY projects.
Glad you made it home safely.....with time to blog, clean a litter box and knit to boot! That must mean you didn't spend the night circling the streets, in the dark, looking for home?

Or maybe you just go to bed way later than me.
Hey toots,
Happy Birthday weeek. That means that you don't have to do one damn thing that you don't want to!
Happy Happy Joy Joy - have a good Birthday Week!

You might want to rethink the candy sharing -
Oasis and enunciate? I'm surprised my computer didn't implode because of putting those two words in the same sentence.

Fibre! Yay Fibre! even though you spell it a little oot of order, Joyous Fibre!
Happy Berfday. May your berfday bring you lots of good stuff.

I'm not very witty today. I apologize.
Patti, I've talked to her about her spelling issues before. You should see how she mangles "color". Oh and how she measures things. Still she does have 8 jobs and babysits 14 children so I suppose I can cut her a little slack.

And yeah-what's up with the sock. I should have taken note when I asked you how it was going and you ignored me. Disclosure, please.
Happy birthday, and congratulations on the loot.
While some might, just might, say it's possible to have too much yarn (not I), no one can ever have enough chocolate. While it is possible to not have enough to share.
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