Friday, January 20, 2006


Sleep Is For The Weak

And, apparently, I am strong like tractor. This will stand me in good stead this evening, as I stagger into work after maybe three hours of (very) broken sleep.

All whining aside, this has been a good day. Courtesy of the talented miss Jen, Team Canada's Drunken Lacemaking Contingent now has its own button:

I shall wear it proudly. And slightly off-centre. Center. That.

Cool button.. its yet another reason that I'm sad not to be a Canadian (the first reason was the results of the election). I'm thinking that a U.S "swearing at lace" Team button is in order.. because that is probably where I'll be at.
Dude, I want to be an honorary Canadian...I want to knit a Kiri in 12 days...I've apparently lost touch with reality also.

Wait. If I knit for your team, does that mean I only drink Canadian likker, or can I drink Henry's??
Oh my, it's getting so complicated. Maybe I should keep sitting on the fence with project picking and go by the button I like best...
Jeebus, Mouse? I hear about the
"swearing at lace" team here of all places? I give. I give until I bleed and this is my reward.
Grabbed the team logo - heading to the tattoo parlor after one more fine Canadian ale.
oooh man , that is the coolest button EVER!!!!!! Makes me want to be a drunk canadian............kind of.
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