Wednesday, January 04, 2006


One For The Gipper

Today I bought shoes. Tra-la! They're boring, they're black, they lace up, and likely someone's grandmother would be very happy with them. They also don't have holes or flappy soles, so I'm pretty happy, too, although it certainly deprives me of something to post about.

I almost went and spent the rest of the gift card money on some Lysol or some shoes for my kid, but um, this was ~my~ xmoose gift card. So I splurged and bought a paperback as well. The guilt! The joy. Man, I'm lame, aren't I?

One of my few new years decisions (we won't call them resolutions or I'll break them tomorrow just 'cause I can) is to do something for myself every single day. Always.

I likely won't post about all of them (because even I have secrets, believe it or not) but I'm going to be relying on some of you folks to keep me honest.

Now please excuse me while I go look for something to give away in penance.


No shoe pictures?? All my shoes are boring and black, heh.
you haven't said whether purple is ok yet for the cardi.
I want to see these shoes!
We need shoes! We need shoes! Post the shoes! Nag, nag, nag.
Black shoes are the best kind ...
I love black shoes, they go with so much. Please post a pic, we'd like to see them!
Shoes. I love shoes. If I had my druthers I would have many, many pairs, and most of them would be black. I agree with the others, we need pictures.
No Penance! NO! it makes the thing you do for yourself not count! Then you just gotta do something else! NO PENANCE. There. The FSM was speaking through me.
honey, that's not selfish, that's keeping your sanity. i read blogs every night after the kidlets go to bed. thats MY time, and inviolate. you keep it up! and my word is xazzilax. gotta love it
You sound a bit like FlyLady. Good for you. Just a little something every day...

Keep us posted on what works best.
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