Friday, January 27, 2006


Miss Otis Regrets ...

... she's unable to blog today.


Life is kicking my ass. House is 70% clean (with much help from He Who Will Not Be Cussed At Today) but I had to do a lot of running back and forth to the storage locker.

4>hours of (broken) sleep yesterday. None at all so far today. Worked all night last night and will do so again tonight.

In the interests of not actually killing people at work tonight (or falling asleep at the switchboard and getting my nose stuck in between the keys and having to make a REALLY embarrassing call to Engineering at 3am) I think I'm going to go lie on my head for a while.

Exciting updates tomorrow with regard to The Not Quite So Angry Half A Sock and ooh, the boring garter stitch scarf being finished and maybe I'll even spin up some of that Mojave, seeing I have been requested to do so by ms. rams. (You know, that rams. The one who orders Steph around, and who seemingly has access to stashweasels.)

Wouldn't do to annoy someone with stashweasels now, would it?

And now, to sleep, perchance to ...



I need to set traps.
Oooh...orders from rams? Yeah, I'd do it too. Don't want to piss her and her angry horde of stashweasles off.

Sleep and feel better!
A mostly irrelevant comment for you: One of my dogs is called Miss Otis after the song you mentioned in your title. Few folks seem to know the reference and try to call her just plain Otis. Sigh. Anyhow, just don't shoot anybody. Hope you had a good rest!
Hopefully the bruise from that loud falling asleep won't show.
That's one of my all time favorite Cole Porter tunes.

Don't drool on the keyboard when you fall asleep at work. It can deliver a nasty electric shock. Ask me how I know.
Yes, I've found it best always to do what Rams um, suggests, quickly and without arguement, question or modifications to the directive in any form.

Excuse me, I have to go and find my Ella Fitzgerald CD now. Goodnight, Sweet Bunny.
sweet - i LURVE that song! used to listen to this great singer back in madison who always did that one for me. So hey, I"m trying to get on team canada and said you were, ok? Because you know how I feel about this place, and you've met my inner Canadian. Hell, I'll even make poutine for the games once the doc says ok. :-) So if they ask you about me, say nice things ok? I'm still not on the list....
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