Tuesday, January 24, 2006


It's The End Of The World As We Know It

And I don't feel so fine.

Canada just let the seeping evil that is the Conservatives into power over our country. Shame on all of us, and welcome to the 51st state. But only if you're a white, heterosexual Christian. It'll help if you're male, too.

In response, I believe that I personally shall have to become less conservative. Definitely a tattoo, maybe two. Perhaps another piercing? Time will tell. This is going to be a busy year what with the (hopefully) summer's boobectomy and the working and the spinning of 900 lbs of fibre and the moving to a new house (when I find one I can afford). Who knows who and where the hell I'll be by the end of the year. Lesbian commune, anyone? (No, I won't be a lesbian commune, sillypeople!)

To lighten the mood somewhat, here are progress pictures of The Angry Sock:

I'm told everyone tries on their socks half-way

everyone. i'm not ashamed. they all pose them on their spinning wheels too, don't they?

we voted for the "kicking puppies" party. and we have no idea where the abacus that used to hang on those two hooks on the wall behind tigger might be. none.

As a final note, I'm sort of confused about a comment from yesterday. Anonymous said:

Canadian MT student here, planning to work as an IC from home. I cannot imagine giving up a TX business. I wish I knew enough to start one!

I'm figuring um ... Canadian M*sic Therapy student? (I don't want to get Googled for that for reasons fairly obvious to anyone who knows me). Planning to work as a ... and that's where I get stuck. What's an IC? And transcription is utterly hellish. Causes carpal tunnel syndrome, and I had to fire everyone I hired (including the ones who were related to me). NOBODY can hear and only about 1/3 of the world can spell. I spent more time revising the transcriptions than they did doing them in the first place. Hell of a way to make a living.

Even worse than being an Extremely Incompetent Veterinary Assistant (wherein I moved all the cats to other cages but didn't move their nametags. Imagine the chaos. Imaging me getting fired right quick.)

i try my socks on every 10 minutes or so, regardless of progress. i usually pose them on my matress-sans-sheet (kittens fighting+bad elastic=stripped bare daily) or on a cat if one holds still long enough.

or on a pile of dirty laundry.
(those... way pretty btw.)
Gah, I specialize in shorthand (in my own way), but I can't stand people's use of it in that way on the internet and emails. :)

I'm guessing "internet consultant"? Although that probably makes no sense. All I saw in "TX" was "Texas." I'm obviously useless!!!

Having never taken part in message boards or chatrooms, I'm not in on the lingo.
omogod, I can't believe the election went that way! Hopefully they will have to dissolve parlaiment within the first 30 days and y'all can have a do-over. I surely hope canadian's don't really want to have our president running the show up there. Sad with you, but not over the socks, those are tres cute.
Come get a tattoo with me. I'm all over more needles, since I just got home from the ER :)
Maybe it was some weird comment spam?!

Lovely sock. Bummer about the election. Hopefully things don't get as evil up there as they are down here...
I just want it noted that the good people in my riding and I did our part to stop that scary bastard from becoming Prime Minister. Just keep reminding yourself that it's a minority government, and the opposition can make sure he doesn't get to do what he really wants to do. That's what I'm doing. Every day. Several times.

On a happier note - Cute Socks!
I think I can decifer the code! I was a medical transcriptionist for longer than I care to remember. Then I had sense enough to go to college and get a degree in nursing so I could work just as hard and make more money. I think MT is medical transcriptionist, IC is independent contractor, and TX is transcription.
MT could be medical transctriptionist as Susan notes, or even medical technician, and IC could be indentpent cotbnractor or insurance coder. My suggestions from a lengthy Google search.

Like the socks. Why are they the Angry Socks???
Oops, I forgot to clean up my typos. So sorry.
The socks looks great even if they are pissed. The cats are adorable. I was sorry to hear that Canada put the conservative in.... believe me some of us in the US are going to be working hard in the next election to get a DEMO in!
i was very disappointed to hear about your election results. DID YOU PEOPLE NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM US? c'mon!
Pierce your tongue. It's rebellious but hide-able, and it'll really help you out at the lesbian commune. ;)
Hiya :)
I meant Canadian online medical transcription student. I will be working from home when I graduate. Very few of my fellow students work in offices when they finish the course--they almost all work in their jammies from their home computers. I will be working as an independent contractor. Canadians have a tough time getting online jobs as employees unless they live in Ontario.

By the way, I am in complete agreement with you regarding the Tories. This will be an interesting year, watching the parties team up to defeat Harper. I just wish that the NDP had fared better than the BlocQ.
Gack! I am heartily sorry to see the Conservative power base seeping northward into your backyard. They ARE rat bastards, and having lived with them for so long down here, I can only offer you my sincere sympathy. They suck, and make everything and everyone miserable (or dead).

Wow. I guess I feel a little strongly about this . . . sorry to rant!

I DO really like your colorful socks, though. Hopefully colorful socks will still be permitted under the new regime. :)
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