Saturday, January 28, 2006


It Is To Weep

I have lost two of my Addi DPNs. Two. That leaves me with three, which is hardly enough for a sock.

I have another set in my bag but a) they are 2.75mm (the lost ones are 2.5mm) and b) they're aluminum. And oh yes, c) they suck.

I looked on the Big Comfy Formerly-White Chair in my living room, on the floor, on the walk beside the house, in the carport, in the car, in the parking lot at work, on the stairs, in the hallway and in my actual work space. Nowhere. This means, of course, that not only am I unable to work on The Small But Not Quite So Angry Sock, but that there may well be two 8" metal sticks now in the hands of some lunatic.

If you hear of someone being stabbed to death in Vancouver with strange metal sticks, well, those are my DPNs. Or they WERE my DPNs. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'll never see them again except, perhaps, to have to identify them down at the police station during the homicide investigation.

I have had four hours of sleep and there are three children in my house right now. They all think they can play piano, except for the one who thinks she's a dog.

They cannot.

I'm heading out for dinner with a friend later and then I shall come home to drink Quite A Lot and then spin. And weep over my lost DPNs. The child is out tonight, so she will not be frightened by my antics. Expect photos of drunken spinning.

Well, the dog's ok on the piano, actually.

I can order another set of the DPNs from next week, they're not all that expensive, and I likely have at least one more needle that will work in the meantime, I just love my Addis and felt like whining.

I am beginning to consider setting the piano alight. Perhaps now would be a good time to send the children (and the dog) to the back bedroom to do something that doesn't make a noise like that.

I am also having a discussion with Herself as to whether or not one can knit for two teams at once for the Olympics. I really think that as well as knitting for Team Canada, I would like to knit for Wales. Spin the wool myself and then make an Irish Hiking Scarf. As well as the lace. In sixteen days.

Oh fuck, now the dog thinks she can sing opera.

Clearly I don't actually require the amount of liquor I intend to consume later. A little more sleep would be a good idea, though.

Send help.

I'm on Team Wales and Team Midwest and Team Minnesota and Team Chocolate, Coffee, and Merlot...

Did you look IN the couch, or just ON the couch?

You might need more sleep, but I don't know how you'd manage it there! Yikes. I live alone. With my cat. He meows when he's hungry. That's about it. :)
I'm on team "Try not to fuck this one up, dumbass". Want to be on that team? :)

Oh, and PS - nail the cover shut on the piano. Ive heard that helps...
Those Addi thingies are steel. Some neighbor has a metal-detector, surely.
Frankly any excuse to abandon a sock is a good one. Though I still hear their siren call.
No, no Rabbitch, not Look on this as a glorious opportunity (which it is) -- go to Queer Joe's site ( and click on the button called "Doublepointed". They're made of some Indian wood -- it doesn't matter what. They are glorious. They transform the act of sock knitting. They're much stronger than Brittany birches. And they arrive, at least mine did, practically instantaneously (and in my case, they had to cross the sea).

Promise me you will!

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