Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I'd Like To Make One Thing Perfectly Clear

Sorry for the confusion about the housing situation in yesterday's post. "The District" referred to the owners of the house that we want to live in. It's owned by the municipality. They have, as do most cities and districts that I know of, quite a lot of land that at some point in the future they will possibly wish to develop. On this land are a number of older houses that they rent out, seeing there's no point in not getting some sort of revenue out of the land while they're waiting.

Although there is the risk of the house being sold out from under us, my friend has lived in the house next door for 12 years now. The District moves slowly and can't be bothered with hassles. (Also if they sell or tear down the place, they would have to give us either two or three months of notice and one month of free rent. It's not a big risk on our part.)

I spoke to the property manager yesterday, and they're doing a damage inspection (lots expected) and figuring out what they have to do to make the place rentable again, and then he'll check the list of people waiting for District housing (the list is back to 2003; I've been on it since 2004 at least) and see if any of the people ahead of us are still looking (there won't be a lot) and then he'll let me know within a week whether or not we can have it, and when.

Of course you know that with all of the finger, toe and eye crossing going on out there, as well as the noodle-boiling and strange-dance-doing, that the answer has to be "yes" and "March 15" or even "April 1".

And now, in other breaking news, here is a picture of The Boring Garter Stitch Scarf Made Just for Me:

it's not a scarf, it's a cat mat

You'll notice that Miss Tracey is right on the ball with the Quality Assurance Inspection. The colour of the scarf is much closer in the second picture here, where you can also see the Not As Small and Considerably Less Angry Sock.

it's not a sock, it's a chew toy

Unfortunately, it's only half-way down the foot and I have to return the book to the liberry tonight, as someone else has reserved it. Fortunately, I'll be able to place my order at elann either tomorrow or Thursday and get both the book and my replacement Addis. (And I'm sorry Jean, however despite your well-intentioned entreaties, I like working with metal needles. And, well, if I do decide to buy wooden needles at some point, let's just say I'd need to investigate alternate vendors.)

No knitting got done at work last night, alas, as a couple of my COWorkers decided not to do their jobs this week, so I got to do a week's worth of their jobs on my shift. Tonight I fully intend to show The Sock who's boss.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, The Sock won.

Keeping all fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. Good luck on the house.
Ok... I'm feeling cross this morning... does that count? I'll channel that energy into house getting for you!
If they told me that the house I wanted would be available on April 1, I'd be disinclined to believe them.

I like your Boring Garter Stitch Scarf. Good luck against the sock!
*Everything* is a cat mat.
i fought the sock, and the . . sock won.

burning lots of incense here! and since april 1 is my birthday, it'll be my b-day gift to you!
April 1st is going to be our wedding day, and it seems to be auspicious...... FINGERS CROSSED. And lots of wine helps, too.
Guess the sock won. House? All the stuff I have crossed is getting tired.

Pretty kitty.
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