Thursday, January 12, 2006


I Would Dye 4 U

I'm nearing the end of my first full week on straight graveyard shifts, and although I'm enjoying having the time to work uninterrupted, and also enjoying spending considerably less time in the company of others, I must say that this new schedule is sort of kicking my ass. This is not to say that there hasn't been anything fibrely going on; I've just been too thrashed to make it to the computer to do more than send a couple of emails a day.

Which is, of course, my feeble excuse for having neglected my blogging duties for the last day or two.

And now, without further ado, into today's mostly-photographic update.

By popular demand, the new shoes:

aren't they lovely? don't they look like i stole them from your grandmother?

Without any demand whatsoever, my leg, on "Christmas" day:

see? i don't always look as old as i am

The wool that MissyMoo and I dyed a couple of days ago.

it's not quite as bright as it appears in this photo, but it's cheerful; i'm hooked

This is the wool that I had thought I might send off to Lee Ann:

Until I had an Industrial Accident and came up with this, with which I am far more impressed:

Lee Ann, if you prefer one over the other, please let me know. No rush -- I'll have to finish drying and carding it and we all know how long it takes me to get to the post office (2-3 months, it would seem. At least. Maybe six.)

I'll describe the Industrial Accident whereby this wool came to be in tomorrow's post. I'm going to head to bed right after I hit "publish" on this baby.

And then of course there's the wool that I haven't dyed at all, and also did not purchase today in a fit of fibre gluttony and then hid away in the storage room. The big basket of loose wool is my Cheviot, however the two bags on top of it are four ounces of brown Merino sliver and a pound of white Merino sliver. Which I didn't buy. Because I have enough wool. Yes.

Moving on quickly, there have also been adventures in knitting. The Boring Garter Stitch Scarf is likely to be finished by the end of the weekend. It's at about 40" now. I figure that a plain garter stitch scarf can really only stand to be photographed once, so I'll save it until its completion. I do, however, have another project of which I'm quite proud. Behold:

the first 2-1/2" of my first sock

It's made in Regia sock wool sent to me for Xmoose by the lovely Rachel H. The wool, unfortunately, has some sort of strange issues and in this first small amount of knitting there have been four breaks. I mean actual separate pieces of wool. The ball seems to be a number of several-yards-long pieces (of the same dye lot, thank dog) but it's a little disconcerting. Despite the issues, it's a happy little sock and I love it.

I seem, in a fit of madness, to have agreed to guest blog for Rebecca while she's off on vacation for a week. Clearly, if I don't have time to post on one blog, it will be no trouble at all to not post on two.

I have, therefore, come up with a brilliant idea. I'm going to send the little sock over to Bec's blog to write the first post for me. I think he's got something brewing -- go have a look tomorrow and see what he's got up his sleeve!

Um, cuff.

You know.

shut up

Nice gams! I'm waiting with bated breath (minty fresh I might add) to see what you, er, the sock, come up with for R's blog.
Oh, waiting at the edge of my computer chair for details on the Industrial Accident.

It's a cheery little sock, indeed. Hopefully it is a Sock of Substance and not a Sock of Very Little Brain so that its blogging duties go well.
Yea! Socks! Well... one sock anyways. :D

I like the color of the industrial accident... pretty blue.
Very cute shoes, and very sexy legs to go into them!
Nice legs, babe. The shoes, however...well, they just don't say "fishnet" to me...

Industrial Accident Blue. God, I love entropy.
I like Industrial Accident Blue. It could be a very marketable name too.
As said above, the legs outclass the shoes, but comfort should occasionally win out over fashion.
Those fishnets look like they'd done some partying. Good for them and the oh so sexy legs they're wrapped around.

Sorry about the sock yarn's issues. It looked fairly sane sitting on the shelf. But yay for your first sock!
You know I always love your legs, sweetie. Socks are an extension of legs, and therefore, the Sock as Guest Blogger works wonderfully well for me.
Yay for the first Rabbitch Sock! I'm sure he will be a great guest blogger!! I hope he has a friend and they will be on your feet next month when I come up!
Industrial Accident is lovely.

You oughta see the shoes I'm wearing today, if you think yours look dowdy. Back pain sucks. I remember back in the day whgen I could wear the sexy 3-inch heels with no pain whatsoever . . .

Ah, memories!
The *first* Rabbitch sock? Dang, this could get exciting. The "industrial accident blue" colorway is fab -- please share photos of the carded delight?
those shoes do not belong on those legs ....

fishnets on Christmas .... man are you ever going to be on the naughty list ......
Um... I was going to post something witty... But I am still drooling over those legs...
Woo, I love the lime green and the blue/purple stuff! The orange is pretty fabulous as well. Good luck on the socks. I'm waiting for the picture of socks + fishnets + sensible-black-shoes all at once.
Yeah a sock! It looks very pretty so far. Woowoo! Lovely fishnets.
By the way, did you get the e-mail I sent ya?
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