Sunday, January 22, 2006


High Fibre Diet

It would seem I've been "double dared" to show off The Birthday Loot. (Yeah, like I needed any encouragement?)

First up, we have two balls of Kroy sock yarn, in purples and blacks. These will be socks for my husband. Yes, I buy yarn on my birthday to make stuff for other people. Shut up.

Next, we have the beginning of my downfall. I walked into the showroom of Penelope Fibres and Audrey, the proprietress, casually plopped this bag into my hands. "It's Koala," she said. She hastened to clarify that it wasn't actually Koala wool (can you even spin Koalas?) but merino tops, in a colour named Koala. I thought I wasn't going to buy it, but I kept carrying it around and patting it. Eventually it had to come home with me.

Next up, we have some 70/30 merino/tencel. I couldn't decide ...


or red?

Being unusually wise, I solved the dilemma by getting them both. Then there was this baby. I dismissed it, several times, as being "too gaudy". Because, really, it is. Really. And then I realized that if I didn't take this half-pound of merino home, I would be insulting an entire desert. The colo(u)r is named "Mojave", you see. Not wanting to start an international incident, I lined it up with the others.


Last, but not least (never, EVER least) is this subtle but utterly delicious half-pound of 70/30 merino/tussah. Her name seems to be Rose. That's what it says on the outside of the bag, anyhow.

All of this is hand-dyed, I believe, and all was purchased for far less than I expected. Still in the double digits, dude. Very reasonable.

Thrifty, that's me.

Downright parsimonious.

Shut up.

Very pretty fiber. I love all the colors you chose. Have fun spinning it. :O)
The fiber is a lot yummier than that which I consumed at breakfast!

Pretty stuff!
Very impressive. You do well - wanna do my birthday shopping?
Damn, I didn't get here in time to wish you happy birthday on the real event, but it looks like you had fun without me. 44 isn't middle aged yet, is it? I'm not exactly sure how old I'll be when I die, but I don't think we should be hitting middle aged any time soon. Why don't you have a big streak of grey hair? I do! Harumph!
That merino/tussah looks divine...
That's an impressive haul. Can't wait to see it all spin up.

The new profile pic is very nice. I meant to mention yesterday that your hair looked great in the birthday boozing photos.
Not gaudy -- vibrant. (Perhaps your word-choice mechanism was shooting for "gawgeous"?) Please to spin us up a sample -- it would be a public benificence. -- rams

I noticed your new pic ;)
Wait.... nothing good to drink???

I was thinking of you whe nI created my latest Olympic team. Feel free to join even if you're not knitting Jaywalkers! You can just get likkered up with us!

Happy Birthday! You really know how to treat you right. ;-) Lovely fibery stuff you chose.

Great new photo for your profile too.
I think my brain just exploded from fiber overload.

Those are some seriously beautiful choices, honey. Good for you for getting yourself berfday presents :)
That's some gorgeous fiber, I love the gaudy. And the rose. And everything else. Happy birthday!
wow.. that's some gorgeous fiber! I would have had to have the green AND the red because those colors would look gorgeous plied or carded together. Yum. The koala colored fiber is amazing also.. looks like you made out well for your birthday!
Happy belated b-day!! Wonderful fiber you have there. And for the record, I don't think 44 is middle-aged at all. Isn't 40 supposed to be the new 30? So anyway, don't expect me to start behaving myself around you all of a sudden. ;-)

So pretty....
I spun up about 5oz of the Mojave last month for BLING's slippers. It turned out dreamy - brick red with lots of depth.
Excellent way to spend a birthday! Glad to see you treated yourself.
That has to be an actual koala. At least a dead koala. Happy belated.
Fiber Slut.

I was totally not on the computer all weekend and I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY.

I am very, very sad I didn't wish you drunken festivities, sex and joy on the actual day of...though of course I wish you these things all the time.

That Mohave is going to spin up nice, not gaudy. And when you aren't looking I am SO stealing the Rose. And the Koala.
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