Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Counting My Blessings

It occurs to me that I whine. A lot. Therefore today's post is going to be all bright and perky.

No, really.

I am Counting my Blessings.

1. I do not have to clean Porta-Potties for a living (litter box doesn't count)

2. Nobody has ever addressed me as "sir" to my face

3. My husband has never asked me to dress up as Sailor Moon (well except for that once and I'm pretty sure he was joking)

OK, that's it.

No, wait, there's two more:

4. I will probably never run out of wool

5. I have sufficient clean bedsheets that I was able to change the bed today, so that all of the sick children (two) who are now coming over to my house to sleep in the bed in which I was planning on sleeping, having worked all night, will have a clean bed in which to be sick.

K, that's really it.

Perhaps one might think that having sick children come over to be sick in your clean bed while their mother goes to work sort of negates some of the other blessings, but a) I have the clean sheets (and I don't think they're vomity-sick -- oh FSM, I should have checked), b) she watches my kid on Monday nights when I go to work, so I owe her c) these not being my children, she will come by and take them home on the way back from work and d) the Porta-Potty thing is a pretty big one.

Pictures of the dyed wool later, after I hook up the cord thingie to my computer again. I promise there will be no pictures of sick children.

Or Porta-Potties.


Girl, you are bordering on Sainthood or is that teetering on the brink of insanity?

Either way, you get a big gold star for watching another woman's sick kids. I don't care what I owe, I don't do that. And I have done a lot for friends.

Aren't clean sheets a blessing?
You have quite a good amount to be thankful for. Porta-potties freak me out.
A policeman once addressed me as "sir" to my bottom...

I was bent over changing a tire on the side of the highway. Humph.
um, what's wrong with Sailor Moon?
I've never been called "sir" accidentally, but the Boyfriend gets called "ma'am" all the time, when approached from behind. I think it might have something to do with the three feet of gorgeous golden curls hanging down his back. Ya know...maybe.
I'm still reeling from the switch to "ma'am" from "miss". I don't want to be old enough to be a ma'am, really. Sigh.

Yes, grateful and blessed. Blessed are the Litterbox scrapers, for they shall inherit the duties. No, that's not right. How does that go?

Anyhow, not being a cleaner of Porta Potties is surely a blessing of gigantic proportions, and I am grateful not to be amongst their numbers, even if they do inherit the kingdom.
Finally caught up. I missed reading you so much! Thanks for being you (and I mean that in an utterly serious way, not a cheesy Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood kind of way).

p.s. I got called "seƱor" once. Does that count?
Woah, all that sunshiney talk. Am I on the right blog?!
I got called "young man" last month by an old guy in BJ's. The woman he was with was equally old and was wearing a housedress, black keds and thin white fold-down ankle socks.

So much for his taste!
You'll get extra points for giving up your Clean Sheets to someone else.

Clean Sheet Night is special. Not that it's all that rare, mind you - I just dig Clean Sheets. Clean Sheets, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
You've got me on 2,3 and 5.
I'm passing you. You have dropped back down to third worst housekeeper and I've cruised up to number two. Because my sheets are not clean. No. And I'm too lazy to take them off and replace them with clean ones.
You're kickin my ass - I have been called sir to my face - I mean, I know I have no boobs and short hair, but really!
And I'm with Jen. Too lazy to clean my sheets. Even after what Matt Lauer said about them on the Today show. I kind of like the drool smell. TMI?
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