Sunday, January 15, 2006


Camo Chameleon

Here's what I spent my late morning and early afternoon doing:

Think I'm gonna hand-card this puppy so that the colours don't get all blended. The brown is much richer (and lighter) than in this picture, and there's some sort-of-almost-mustard in there as well.

Ah do believe I may be in lurve.

it looks interesting. i'm not really into camo, but if the brown is actually lighter, this could be a cool batt!
ooh.. I like! Camo colors definitely work for me.. can't wait to see what you make out of it!
It looks like wilted spinach...with bacon. Can you tell I am on a diet? You are making me want (crave) to learn to spin. I shall resist. For now. Please let us see the final results. Yum.
You do really neat stuff. Can't wait to see what it looks like dry and carded.

but i still hate you just a little for the annoying Culture Club song you put in my head..
Omigod. I am a FREAK about camo yarn. I have like 3 skeins of that Red Heart shit because I am a FREAK ABOUT CAMO.

I'm done now - I need to go to sleep before my mind is TOTALLY gone.

Kisses :)

ps - my word verification is fuckoski. That's funny. And I'm apparently sleep-deprived. looks entirely too organic for camo. Very pretty.
I'm hoping to dye a large amount of roving in approximately those colours. I'm planning on knitting the Shy Sheep Vest sometime this Spring and I need a background color that looks something like a field sheep would be standing in. I'm thinking a variety of greens to golds and tans?
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