Saturday, January 21, 2006


Call Me Madam(e)

Today is my birthday. I'm now officially middle-aged (44). I therefore demand the respect due to the elderly.

And, seemingly, I also demand fibre. Fiber. Both.

One of my blogstalkers, Marie, and I went out to Penelope Fibres this afternoon and had a lovely time fondling, ogling and smelling all of the beautiful fibre. Yes, of course I bought stuff. Lots. Words such as Merino, Tussah and Tencel were bandied about with impunity.

Pictures soon. For tonight, I'm enjoying the feast of spanikopita and tzatziki that my husband made for me. And, of course, drinking just a little.


See you tomorrow after I crawl out from under the hangover.

YAY!! Happy Birthday!! YOu look Mahvelous!!!
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! May there be many more.
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday, you gorgeous bunny you! I'm glad you treated yourself to fibrey fun, and I hope you had a wonderful evening.

And I promise I'll try really, really hard to work on the respect thing. Try. Really. *stifled giggles*



guess I'll have to work on that a bit. But you know I love you.
Have birthday to yooooooooooouuuuuuuu!
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear rabbitch, happy birthday to you.
Hey, happy birthday! I heard someone say recently that 40 is the new 30 (whatever that means). I guess, then, that 44 is the new 34, which means we don't have to go getting all respectful for a while yet.
Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks. You've been demanding my respect since the beginning (or is that fear? Hmmm). Besides, I am your elder.

And I hope you're not feeling too gummy today.
Okay, that last comment is missing a chunk of words that would bind the entire thing into one magnificently cohesive message

But for the love of all things are 12% alcohol and higher, I cannot remember what it was.

Happy Birthday, still!
Happy Birthday! You aren't old. You haven't even reached middle age yet. Just remember to drink as soon as you get up, you don't want no nasty hangovers. Enjoy fondling all that fibre!
Happy Birthday you old Broad! (I can say that, I'll be 46 this year.)

You look fabulous - what a hottie thou art.
Feliz Cumpleanos! Joyuex Noel! Yay for you! Birthday! WOOOO!!

May the fiber burst from every package for you today :)

(And I think I said Merry Christmas instead of Happy Birthday up there, but we'll ignore that. Moving on....)

ps - I am not drunk, just tired.
Happy Belated Birthday - you are just a Spring Chicken!!!

Hope that it was a great night and you are not too hung over today.
Hippo Birdy to ewe! May the celebrations continue (and they shall!)
Oh, Happy Birthday yesterday! Great pictures - you can wear lipstick! I always chew it off. You look lovely.

Yay for more fiber! Fibre! Whatever!
Happiest! Woot!
happy birthday!

and i saw your comment on creating textiles, and swatching is NOT weak, especially when you're knitting 7" swatches, and using them for other stuff (another charity, so :P) (my challenge is 15 12" squares in 15 different patterns)
*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

Have a great one,and many,many more. Cheers !
Happy Birthday!
happy! birthday!

lookit you all come-hither-esque.

age is nothing! i turn 31 in a few weeks and my super-hot butchy girlfriend is 40! forget those young things, age is where it's at!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday lady!
Happy Birthday!!
You have been tagged.
Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you *hiccup*
Happy Natal Day, dear Rabbitch. May you have many, many more.

Now I have an excuse for popping the cork.
Happy birthday! You hair looks it much better than your "about me" pic...not that you care what us stalkers think, of course :O)
You know, Rabbitch, the average life expectancy for a woman who does not succumb to cancer is 91. Honest. You're not actually middle-aged for another 18 months.

Happy birthday again. (Double dare you to show all the nice people the birthday swag.)
I know I`m late - I was off in Manchester -
but -
Happy Birthday!
Happy day-late birthday!
Happy rather late birthday! :)
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