Sunday, January 08, 2006


The Best Laid Mice

The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men gang aft agley.
-Robert Burns, Ode to a Mouse On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough

I've always loved that poem.

"gang aft agley" means, "often get fucked up".

This month, January, is when all of Scotland celebrates Mr. Burns' birthday. It is also the month of MY birthday, and having parents who do the "Folk Singing and Performing for people" thingie, it is also the month in which my birthday celebrations gang oft agley. And have done so for 43 years.

I have decided therefore to stop expecting the celebrations of the birthday from the parental units. (Remember last year? The dinner that got cancelled half an hour before they were to pick us up because of possible snow? Yeah, that isn't happening again.) I am going to divorce my parents this year, and stop allowing them to have any power over my birthday celebrations.

I have also decided to cancel the "Birthday Fibre Glut" thingie I was going to do. I would rather use the money to pay back some people I have owed for a while.

Peace of mind is more important than a Piece of Wool.

I am therefore giving myself, for my 44th birthday, The Boring Garter Stitch Cotton Scarf (which is now at 35") as a present, and I'm going to get like maybe a pound of merino. That's it. None of which I shall spin for He Who Deserves Nothing Much at All.

And it's enough.

And I might start spinning Juno's batt.

For me.


Birthday month!

Mine always gets lost in the shuffle (or the turn of the calendar page). Remember last year?

May yours be wonderful!
Aside from my two sons, my family doesn't really like me. They probably think they do, but they don't and my birthday is usually a reminder of this. I always end up doing something small with my two sons after the family is done with me.
It's "your" birthday; do something nice for yourself.
Happy birthday. :)
Happy Birthday. I hope your day is enjoyable. :)
Ooooo... can't wait to see Juno's batt spun. And it definitely MUST be for you.
I divorced my family. It's kinda hard to build a new one, as I keep picking people like my old family, which is counterproductive. But it's better than pretending I have a family, which is what I used to do. I used to pretend I had a marriage, too. No more pretending!

Hey, Wendy visited my blog, she said you sent her. I see you taught her the secret knock and everything. :)
My birthday is May 29. As such, it usually falls on or around Memorial Day which means that everyone is out of town that weekend and no one is around to celebrate my birthday. It also means that my birthday is associated with visiting cemetaries. This year, just for variety, we're going to a wedding over my birthday weekend and therefore, I won't be around any of my friends for my birthday.

I feel your pain.
Piece of mind is an excellent gift. If you have any leftover, could you pass it over this way? Thanks.
One year, my oldest daughter, in her best of intentions thinking, reminded my mother about my birthday. She (my daughter) didn't want anyone to forget my birthday was coming. My mother reacts like a total bitch on steroids rather than see how sweet it is that my daughter was thinking of me and sends my daughter such a pissy email that I had to call my mother and tell her to stand down. Now, I could care less if she acknowledges my birthday in any way, shape, or form - she still does, in gooey, horridly gushy sentimental cards that don't mean shit coming from an abusive alcoholic!Oh and I hope you have a wonderful birthday doing what you want with whom you want!
You can celebrate next week with the cardigan while you guest blog for me...
here's to a great birthday month -- hell a birthday year!

you deserve it!

fuck 'em all.
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