Monday, January 30, 2006


Bang a Gong

And light a candle, cook a noodle for FSM and get down on your knees should your deity require it.


The house that we want to move into, and which we can afford, and which is in a neighbourhood we would be happy to live in, seems to be coming vacant.

I'm going to call the District tomorrow and see if we can have it.

We need a break. And rather a lot more room.

All fingers and toes are crossed, Ch├ęz Lapin, which would explain the lack of spinning tonight.

Oh man, this would be the best thing ever. We've been waiting two years. Please dog that we don't have to wait another two.

Fingers crossed!
You got it, sweetie. Good energy. Your way.
Sending lucky thoughts your way!
Arrr Matey.. I'll pray for ye.. (maybe if we talk like pirates for a while FSM will touch you with His noodly appendage... after all.. He likes pirates.)
Woo Hoo! That's fantastic. I've got lots of stuff crossed for you.

Maybe sometime you can explain about calling the district to see if you can have it...I am way down here in Ohio and I have no idea what that means!
Everything I can cross for you is crossed. I hope you get it! :)
I've even got my knitting needles and dpns crossed for you. Keep us posted!
All available appendages tightly crossed!
Crossing everything I can for you!
good luck! I hope that you get the house!
I'm crossing my eyes for you.

Which makes it awful hard to type.
I'll sacrifice a chicken (sandwich) for you. I'm also looking up the complicated steps of the "ooh-ooh please-gimmee-the-house" dance, looks like I'll need a cape and sparkly boots.
Hope you get it! Crossing fingers & toes & sending out good thoughts. Like ck, I wonder what calling the district means? We don't have that down here in Seattle....
Oooh, exciting! Good luck!
fingers, toes, knees and eyes all crossed for you!
things are crossed. I really hope this works out for you
Good thoughts, "get the house, get the house..." Good energy to you.
Needles crossed -

Does twisted yarn count as crossed?
If so ... .
Ooh! I'm sending you super best wishes!!! Hope you get it.
Needles crossed -

Does twisted yarn count as crossed?
If so ... .
Everything crossable is crossed over here. Many good thoughts coming your way.
Fingers crossed and goods thoughts being thunk. :)
I'll cross my fingers! Luckof the god-dess or whatever floats your boat be with you!
Sending good thoughts your way.
Ok, is eating pasta a sacrifice to the FSM, or a travesty? I wish you luck luck luck!
I'm crossing my legs for you, which means I'm not getting lucky tonight.

Well, not THAT lucky...
Fingers, toes and anything else I can cross is crossed - good luck.
i'll burn some incense for good joss (it was chinese new year yesterday, after all!) ooga chaka!
Good luck!
all crossable items crossed and wishes send to all deities i can think of! you deserve it!
i've got everything crossed for you ..... and yes, I am a tricky girl ;)
I crossed my eyes, too, but that sorta hurt after a bit.

Best of best wishes.
And it took me three fucking tries to figure out the damn font that blogger used in it's passwording.
Hope this one is handed to you on a silver platter.
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