Monday, January 02, 2006


At The Tone, The Time Will Be ...


Him: The Bunkie isn't home.

Her: No, she isn't. She's at C's because I worked last night and didn't get to sleep until 9am. (thinking: We share a bed. I would have noticed. I always take care of childcare, and I also always need to sleep after a graveyard shift, which I have done every other weekend for eight months. But thanks. Now could I go back to sleep?)


Him: There are four things on my desk. They're all overdue at the library. Can you take them back?

Her: Mrph. Which library? (thinking: I'm so sorry both your arms and your legs fell off and you forgot how to drive so you can't take them back yourself. I'll get right on that, all righty. Now could I go back to sleep?)


Him: Say thank you to your parents! I didn't make a lunch so I'm taking some of these (insert name of fast food place) gift certificates to work with me!

Her: Sure. Will do. Bye. (thinking: Isn't this the third time you've woken me? Didn't I say I only got to bed at 9am? Didn't you already thank them at xmass? Isn't it a statutory holiday so that establishment won't be open in the downtown business district? You're over 300 lbs. -- did you really think I was worried that you were going to pass away from starvation on your shift? Did you think that I haven't already planned what I'd do with your room if you left/died? I need the room for wool; it's just fine. Now could I go back to sleep?)

And if only I had been able to say any of those things out loud, I would be far less likely to be getting me an ulcer. But we'd also likely still be yelling about it now, five hours later, and on top of the constant stream of words coming out of my kid (who has been home since about three and oh FSM I could have had another hour and a half of sleep and please kill me now) I really don't think I could have taken it. (I'm very sensitive to noise. Have I mentioned that?)

Needless to say by this time I was so pissed that I couldn't go back to sleep. Got up and read some emails and blogs, only to discover that I won yarn! Yes, Patti pulled my name out of a hat (or a cat), and a buncha beautiful handpainted yarn is mine all mine! She hasn't told me which colour yet, but go ogle the yarn on her sidebar ... I'd be privileged to have any of it.

This made the day considerably better, although there is still a certain gentleman who may well be feeling The Wrath of The Rabbitch as soon as I have one more cup of coffee.

Think today would be a good day to cast on a pair of socks? I don't believe I'm in the mood to finish his hat, after all.

Earplugs and drugs. It's the only way to sleep.
Him doesn't deserve a hat. But I think Her should wait till tomorrow to cast on a pair of socks. Playing with more than the usual number of needles today just might not be a good idea.
Congrats on the yarn! I, too, am the proud winner of yarn, only mine just came from Wendy Knits. Shall we both work on socks together?
Sometimes reciprocation can teach a wonderful lesson...
mmmmmmm....any day that has free yarn in it can't be that bad, can it?
I've done the graveyard thing. I got very cranky when sleep deprived. One of my neighbours still hides if he sees me coming.

"The Incident" was 9 years ago.

It involved several days of sleep deprivation, a cat (the large earth moving type) and a broken fence. MY fence.

Personally I think that anything you could have done to the-husband-who-doesn't-think would have been deemed justifiable homicide.
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