Monday, January 09, 2006


At Four In The Morning, I'd Like to Remind You

That normal people are asleep.

We are, alas, anything but "normal" these days Ch├ęz Lapin as, due to some fairly extensive spousal idiocy and negligence, Missy Moo's sleep patterns are completely screwed up.

Therefore, here we are, at half-past early (it's actually 5:10 now but I started this post close to an hour ago, methinks), wondering what to do.

Well, I think most people would lie down in the cupboard with a damp cloth on their foreheads and whimper quietly until it was time to take the child to school, however most people don't have closets full of wool. (And I'm pretty sure I couldn't find a damp cloth anywhere either -- we're a little chaotic and I may have used almost every cloth in the house cleaning the bathroom on Saturday night.) Taking into account the closets full of wool and the total lack of damp cloths, I think it's quite obvious what the only possible course of action would be.

So the large pasta pot (I think it's got to be 20 litres or more) has a large whack of stinking Dorset floating about in a soapy vinegary bath. I then thought "we have a crock pot, and it is not crocking in the least at the moment." I've heard lots of people talk about dyeing stuff in their crock pots, although I think it's usually rovings, isn't it? Anyhow, there's another, smaller whack of Dorset floating about in there, also in soap and vinegar. (Thank dog vinegar and soap are cheap).

La Principessa wants to choose the colours, however she always chooses yellow, as that is my favourite colour, or pink, for fairly obvious reasons (she's five). I looked at my KoolAid stash but I've never yet used that for dye (I can't stand the smell on wool!) and there's only one package of Strawberry Badger or some such vileness, so I think it's gonna be easter egg dye for the big pot and food colouring for the crock pot.

Despite the advice of my designer, I'm going to try for purple or berry or something in the crock pot. As for the big pasta pot ... I'm hoping I can talk her into thinking either lime green or orange is a good idea. Maybe we'll have a horrible industrial accident or something.

Time to tackle the big pasta pot now, it's been an hour since it went on. Look for photos later today (or tomorrow, depending on if and when I manage to get ANY sort of sleep).

Maybe I'll dye something really wacked out and see if Jacey will trade. Go look at her yarns, they rock, and if you're looking for something that isn't just "same old, same old", then she's your gal! She's got a way cool new thing going on in her yarn store, whereby she's offering some of her funky stuff up for barter.

Go look! Then go spin something neat.

Then come over and kill my husband and take my kid to the park so I can get some sleep, mmkay?

Oh yeah, nothing like the smell of wet and vinegary wool to lull you all back to sleep. Heh.
I can't get mine down at night. I'll kill your husband if you kill mine?
Dying at 4:43 in the morning...of course. What could be more natural?
darling, you're the reigning Queen of the Dishcloth and you're without a damp cloth? wtf??
Dyeing yarn is faster, right? Than knitting dishcloths, not homicide, I mean.
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