Saturday, December 17, 2005



And I present, for your collective delight:

two washcloths

I shall pause whilst you ooh and aah a bit.

Done? Good, then let's continue.

Anyhow, this is evidence that at least ONE person is going to get something handmade this Christmas. These are intended for my brother's partner who is coming up to our house for xmass on the 27th. (Hubby and I work the 25th and 26th. Makes for difficult timing of festivities, but large paycheques.)

I had been going to roll a bunch of dishcloths up into cylinders and tie them with ribbon and stuff them in a nice red gauze wine bag that I have here, however I had sort of counted on getting BACK the dishcloths I made for the craft sale. Not one sold at the first sale and I was figuring at the very most one or two would sell at the second one, leaving me with at least a dozen on hand.

Unfortunately the girl that took them to the second craft sale has left town for two weeks and, despite my attempts to contact her, didn't return any of my calls before she left.

Disappointing, as I'm pretty sure there's a box of my stuff sitting in her room, and I'm going to have to re-knit a bunch of it, needlessly, really. (Also if any of it sold I wouldn't have minded having been given the cash for it, seeing I'm the one who paid for the whole table at the first craft sale and didn't see a penny out of it. And dude, it's xmass. And the shoes, and stuff.)

Oh well, I have tons of cotton (surprise!) and um, lots and lots of days to xmass (lots. shut up.), so I'll just cast on another dishcloth tonight. Think he'll get four, and a bottle of actual wine in the wine bag.

We will not discuss the rest of The Christmas Knitting. I can still get it done, even though I spent much of last night emptying the closet (couldn't just toss, tons and tons of hand-washed-and-dyed wool in there and some books I want) and spinning Kermit, who has nothing whatsoever to do with xmass.

but i think i'm in love with this little green guy

Lots. Of. Time.

Ooh! I'll bet I could do a pair of socks for Ben, too! I'll just cast those on now, shall I?


Oh, yes! Socks knit up quite quickly.

(giggles, then runs away)
Ever the optimist!
If you devote yourself to knitting--you can bust out 4+ washcloths/day. I've done it--for a craft fair that got rained out.
Dear Heart,

You are clearly under the influence of some evil medication. Socks? Really? Go 'head, make my day. At least you're giving me something to look forward to reading about.

Knit on brave soul!
Socks take three weeks minimum. Trying for Orthodox xmas, are we?
Is your brother coming up too, or is he just sending his partner?
Best wishes.
Socks! I'm knitting a pari tonight. After I work 16 hours. As for Kermit, it's just not that easy bein' green.
Ooooh. Aaaaah.


Of course there's lots of time before Christmas. Plenty. I mean,'s a whole week away! And we all know you have absolutely nothing going on in the meanitme....

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