Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Xmass, a Review in Pictures

The tree:

Out of focus, natch. Yes, that is a penguin on the top.

The partners in crime:

Do I make cute babies or what?

The Rabbitch:

hrm, I look sort of sad, here. I'm not. Not drunk, either.

The aftermath:

The good part is I don't have to clean this up.

We all survived, Christmas happened, and I have a better clue about how to prepare for next year. Last year it was all just fun and games but she's got demands this year, and by gum, she'd better get 'em!

Clearly, she's got me whipped.

The End

Did she sleep in? Did you find the gift-of-the-hour? Is all well?
your daughter is just adorable. I hope you had a happy day.
How'd you get outta cleaning up??

Your sweatpea is a doll. I assume that you only made one of those cute babies? Oh wait...I get it.

Merry Merry.
I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. Did your mom like her pretty earrings?
See? Your Christmas looks like it was lovely. Cute babies, indeed. :)
Yep, you make 'em cute. Dare I ask why it's a penguin atop the tree?
Looks like a beautiful Christmas. Hope you were able to relax a bit too. :)
Glad to see that you made it through. Very cute indeed!
She's a keeper, alright. How do you keep your cats out of the Christmas tree? Mine destroyed the damned thing repeatedly.
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