Sunday, December 11, 2005


Words Fail Me

Car died.

Muffler dealie came detached from the um, manifold thingie? Yeah, that. No compression.

Big annoyance.

Walking a lot for a few, dudes. I've lost 12 lbs from the spinning obsession and the stress and the lack of eatage, might as well make it 25.

Fuck me.

(And if I keep losing weight at this rate, by this time next year you'll wanna. You know it.)

Bummer, dude.
So sorry about the demise of the car. But, really, you're not my type, and besides, we're both married....

Although my work verification in benyzex--is that like bunny sex?
Yikes. That's a total bummer. Isn't it cold to be walking everywhere??
Just think! This means you can eat as much holiday food as you want without any of the guilt!

Seriously, though, ugh. Sorry to hear about the car.
Just what you needed! Sorry about that. When I run the universe, things will be different.
Fuckity fuck.... best of luck... Ducttape won't help, will it? 'Cuz I can totally send you ducttape.
can't wait for when snowball's in charge .... there will probably be some mandatory knitting.
Bah, stupid car. I'm sorry, that sucks quite a lot. Are you getting this crappy cold weather up in BC that we are here in Portland? Bleh. Good luck getting the wheels restored soon.
do we have to wait till this time next year? ;-) sucks about the car, though, i hope you can get it back running or get other wheels soon.
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