Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Tonight's Play List

Bare Naked Ladies - Call and Answer
Johnny Cash -Hurt
Theory of a Deadman - Santa Monica
Nickelback - It's Been a While
Yo La Tengo - Yellow Sarong
Warren Zevon - Accidentally Like a Martyr
Willie Nelson - Always on My Mind
Harry Chapin - Taxi
Alice Cooper - I Never Cry
Johnny Cash - Desperado
Bare Naked Ladies - Alcohol
Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name
Garbage - Only Happy When it Rains
Mama Cass Elliot - Dream a Little Dream
Pavarotti - Puccini - Nessun Dorma

Well, if that isn't a bizarre playlist, what is? They weren't played all in that order, but they were all played. There were a couple of others in the middle there but that sort of sums it up.

I highly recommend both the Cash and the Pavarotti.

I went to a horrible play last year with a friend, and they were playing the Johnny Cash album in the lobby, I think it's "The Man Comes Around". Whatever the last one he made was, with all of the songs you wouldn't expect him to be singing. And as his beautiful, ancient, god-filled voice was singing, all she could say was "Oh god, that's the worst Desperado I've ever heard, I wish they could stop playing that." No respect, no reverence, no recognition of who he was. I think that was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

I still highly recommend the Cash.

Tigger and I are going to bed now.

xo, sweeties.

Must be something wrong with me because that looks like a pretty cool playlist from here.
Johnny Cash is definitely the man for me and I LOVE DESPERADO sung by him - the best version...he IS Desperado. I have a picture of him at work - have for years. It is of him in his later years looking very serene, playing his guitar. His story is one of grace and redemption. I LOVE Hurt too...Rusty Cage, Ring of Fire, Sea of Heartbreak, Sunday Morning Coming Down, Personal Jesus...the list is long

(Your fan) Suzanne
Merry Christmas Rabbitch
I rarely post them, but I wind up with some mighty odd playlists m'self, so I understand.
While my play list isn't as eclectic as yours, I really do like the juxtaposition of Cash with Pavarotti (I am more of a Placido Domingo fan though). I keep meaning to buy the Cash album.

For something completely different, I recommend the Mediaeval Babes. Truly fun schtuff for the not-so-normal.
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