Monday, December 26, 2005


So Now It Begins

Here we are, on xmass eve (according to The Calendar of The Rabbitch) and a) we have just discovered that Santa is supposed to leave all of the presents HERE rather than up at my mother's place which is where we were planning on them being and where we told Her Majesty they would be; b) the presents have not been purchased; c) it is 11:48 on xmass eve which is really boxing day so the stores are closed and d) presents are expected for both me and daddy even though daddy and I had planned not to exchange anything this year (thus relieving me both of finishing The Christmas Knitting and also of stretching the nonexistent budget).

Oh yes, and all four cats have to get presents, too.


Fortunately The Child sleeps very very late, and there are a few small gifts already purchased. I'll race to the moneyplace, the dollar store and then the store that hopefully has some sort of christmas toys left at deep, deep discounts and get back before she wakes in the morning.

Ben and I have worked out that I'm getting a kilo of coffee and a new pillow and he's getting socks and t-shirts.

Fuck The Christmas Knitting. We'll try again next year.


May you be blessed with the first child (under 20) in history to actually sleep in on Christmas morning. No matter how much my kids 'normally' slept in, they were always up before dawn on Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas Rabbitch and family.
Presents for cats? No effort needed - mine was delighted with the paper bags and cardboard boxes. Sure, we bought him stuff, but he ignored it and spent his Christmas sitting in a cardboard box, happy as a clam.

Merry X-mASS to you and yours. Try to enjoy it. ;)
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