Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Oh The People You Meet

When you knit on the street.

I have been feeling sort of like ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack of late (did anyone notice?). The death of the car, the footwear malfunction (my only two pairs of shoes both have the left sole coming off. (WTF? Do I walk all wonky or something?), etc. etc.

On the way home from work while walking down the street (flapping my shoe all the way) I ran into a large, angry, very drunk African-American gentleman who was loudly shouting at passers-by "come on out and fight! It's a good day to die!" I was inclined to agree with him, as some paperwork I did this month didn't go through in time which will cause a certain reduction in the xmASS festivities and I have a nasty headcold that is making ominous bronchial rumblings. Sorta felt like that straw that pissed the camel off so much.

Anyhow, got on the Seabus and hauled out my knitting, thinking that if I were to go down with the ship, I'd at least go with knitting in my hands. The lady next to me kept looking over surreptitiously and at one point I caught her at it and smiled at her. She knits too, it would seem. We spent quite some time discussing the differences between Canadian and European knitting and she asked me if I'd like to make some little dolls that they send off to sick kids in Africa (kids dying of AIDS). And, you know, just the knitting chat and the new project and stuff cheered me up enough that despite the shitty shoes (and the fact that I was knitting with ACKrylic on fucking Susan Bates needles -- oh god I hate her stuff -- dammet) I decided to respectfully disagree with the drunken gentleman and hang around another day or two.

At least until I have all of this ACK knitted up.

And complete The Christmas Knitting.

I hate Susan Bates needles too! So pleased to hear you've decided to stick around for a while. My day would be far less amusing without you.
Acrylic on Susan Bates needles... are you trying to make things harder than they need to be?
Nope, you're not allowed to leave this mortal coil til the Christmas knitting is done. But then, it never really DOES end, does it? I mean, you might finish this year's, but then next year's batch starts up, so it's all never-ending. So you're never actually allowed to die. But it's fine to feel like it in the interim.

My verification word is "grelwy". Seems appropriate, somehow.
"On the way home from work while walking down the street (flapping my shoe all the way)"...

Just the mental image of that had me laughing out loud. How do you know the man was African-American and not African-Canadian? You're in Vancouver, correct? Anyway, I just recently found you blog and have enjoyed reading it so far.
Well let's hope lots of things come your way that make you want to stick around. I really can't imagine a world without the Rabbitch.
Thank you for not dying.
Now I got that song going through my head.
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