Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Moving Forward

And viola, as the French say, my first ever stitch markers (and a set for which I've been paid, even!):

These are actually more orange than pink, and are larger beads than I would otherwise have chosen, however they are for someone who is almost blind but who still knits (and can still see bright colours). I thought this might work for her.

I need to mail off these and the next pair tomorrow or Thursday to have any hope of them arriving before Christmas.

Not that there's any pressure or anything.

Everyone else all done, I assume?

don't hit me

Very, very pretty.

Hey, you remember how months ago you tipped us all off to a yarn giveaway? Well, I got my free ball of yarn: Bernat Disco in a glittery, sparkly copper. Trashy. I love it. Anybody else get theirs?

All hail Rabbitch.
Done? You ask if I'm DONE? Come on, it isn't even Christmas Eve yet. Sheesh, what kind of dweeb do you think I am, finishing early. Sheesh.
Done? I have 2 scarves (cabled, not Muppet pelt) to finish by Friday. (This one)
the french say "voila." they might say viola but only when talking about a musical instrument.

don't hit me. please.
Pretty stitch markers! You're quite the multi-talented bunny.
How nice! I've tried this, but I can't get the wire wrapped nearly as neatly as you have.

I'm still waiting on my trashy yarn from Bernat. I have plans for it...

I think "viola" was intentional--a joke.
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