Friday, December 30, 2005


Morning Has Broken

And so, seemingly, has my shower curtain.

My brother has borrowed my camera, so I can't show you this but oh dog I wish I could.

I just walked into the bathroom and my shower curtain liner (fortunately not the outer fabric curtain which I had custom made and I love) has met its demise.

When we first got the knittens there appeared a few rips and tears and mysterious holes in the shower curtain liner, and I sort of took it in stride, but the last few days have been ... well, let's just say the knittens have been vigorous in their attempts to keep the Western World safe from the evil of the vinyl curtain of the shower.

It would seem that Diamond, the black Chinese cat, has finally won his bid to defeat the blue vinyl menace. He's ripped half of it off, and was sitting triumphantly on its carcass about five minutes ago.

There was no point in beating him. I don't beat animals or children anyhow, and really, the thing was dead, no amount of anything (including duct tape) would be able to save it.

Guess I have to go spend another dollar, or deal with a very wet bathroom floor for a bit ...

Please excuse me while I gigglesnort madly.

Sure, you might have the mild inconvenience of a wet floor, but thank gawd you don't have that dangerous Shower Curtain of Doom looming over you anymore! It could have attacked at any time, and then where would you be? You're lucky you have ferocious knittens to protect you!
seeing as how I may or may not have strongarmed, um, I mean, gently persuaded my dear ol' Dad into adopting two 3 month old kittens a couple of weeks ago, I really shouldn't say anything here. (and yet, there's all this typing going on anyway. go figure)
Forget it! Happy Hogmanay and a God New Year when it comes!

Your word verification was comment
Not a truly religious wish - just a typing error!! Don`t think I could cope with a "God" new year..
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