Saturday, December 31, 2005


Lady of the Evening

Or Creature of the Night?

As of today I am officially off day shifts and will henceforth, for about two years, work the graveyard shift from 10pm to 6am, Monday to Friday. Tonight and tomorrow are the end of my old line and are just coincidentally graveyard shifts.

This will mean a lot more money, and a lot less work, at least at first. (What? I'm getting a 35% raise to do less at work? Cool, can I do overtime?) We're changing a bunch of stuff at work and I'll be doing a ton of work later on, but for the first three or four weeks I'm going to have a little paperwork and large amounts of knitting time.

Which is sort of a pity, as we all know I can't knit worth a damn. The more uncouth amongst us might even refer to me as a "fake knitter", although I don't think I'm quite fast enough to earn that title yet.

I'm thinking I'll finish up a couple of things I've promised people. I need four more of the dreaded green dishcloths, and have just enough cotton left to complete them. Unfortunately I don't think I can card or spin at work or I'd be doing that, too. I need me one of those tiny portable wheels, clearly. (This new job will also mean that I have postage money to mail off the four boxes that are sitting here waiting. Yay! To anyone who is waiting for something and who thinks I'm a deadbeat, I'm not, I've just been dead broke.)

The scarf I'm knitting for myself (finally!) is at about 25" and I think I'll put another 5-6" on it tonight at work. Anyone want a picture of a boring garterstitch cotton scarf? No? Oh well, I'll post one anyhow.

And now, the shameful truth. The Woman Who Owns Most of the Wool in the World doesn't have a cardigan. Not one. I have a machine-made shawl with moth holes in it and a machine-made shawl with stains. Nothing else.

After I actually catch up on all of my obligations so people don't want to commit slappage upon my face, perhaps it's time to knit something, like oh, an adult sweater? With sleeves?

(Or maybe a shawl. Not that godawful Clapotis. I'm still allergic.)

Stay tuned. I'm betting I'll just make dishcloths again.

I have yet to make an adult sweater myself. Made a kid's one. Once. Have intentions of doing that again at some point. And I've even bought yarn and patterns for a sweater that would fit me (if I worked out a bit more. or at all)

I will if you will. (knit an adult sweater thing, that is. not making any promises to work out)
Would you accept a cardigan already knit as a gift? And if so, do you prefer buttons or a zipper or a tie closure? (I haven't made the edging yet.)
I'll do you one better: I have knitted clothing items and never worn one. My knits don't match my life at all.

The first sweater I make may quite possibly be one for my mother. She wanted one for Christmas, to be completed by next fall, in this big fat Smile yarn. I may need to make one for myself first, just for practice, you know.
I'm still picturing you in moth eaten and stained shawls and nothing else. Hubba hubba. Rowr!
Have a very Happy New Year! And beyond!
Night shift at a hospital? For a little while, I worked for Welch Allyn, supporting the Acuity monitoring system (the networked computer part, not the mighty ProPaq itself).

I learned that hospitals harbor nocturnal pixies, which sneak out and turn off the computer monitors, and then someone would page me, and I would walk them through hitting the Input button.

So beware the nocturnal computer monitor pixies!
>>Anyone want a picture of a boring garterstitch cotton scarf? No? Oh well, I'll post one anyhow.<<

I'll post pictures of boring garter stitch scarves and washcloths. If that's what we knit, then that's what people will have to look at. Remember, there are knitters out there that want to see blogs with knitting content that isn't intimidating. :)
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