Friday, December 23, 2005


I'm Still Here

Sorry, I was out drinking with The Family Stump.

They're utterly dreadful. Very talented musicians singing about very horrible things.

It was a hoot, down at The Railway Club.

It has made the completion of The Christmas Knitting a little less likely, however it was way worth it. I don't get out much.

I wandered around downtown, I actually chased down a vagrant and gave him $20 (don't tell my husband) and then went to a hotel where I was accosted by a security guard. I asked him very politely to help me find first a bathroom (damn that beer!) and then a taxi and he did both with great aplomb. I like being taken care of, it was very nice.

I'm now home and think I shall read a blog or two and then fall on my face.

And yes, I smell like a French Ho, yet again.

More tomorrow. Or not.

Mmm...there's nothing like that French Ho smell...
My grandfather always said the perfume "Emeraude" smelled like a french whorehouse...we always wondered if he knew from experience.
wow, what a smell? fish is it? (ducks) (goodness, all kinds of animals!)

happy holidays, dear rabbitch!
To dragon knitter: I believe it's smell like frog, taste like chicken.

And, um, regarding the Family Stump: Is that a name, or a family member with a famous half-appendage?

Merry Meat, Darlin'.
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