Friday, December 09, 2005


Hello Jeebus? Are You Listening?

OK, so we have no money. None. As in ten extra dollars in expense sends me into a tailspin.

And we have a lot of debt. Like $31k or something (THANK YOU LEAKY CONDO BUILDING ASSHOELS I LOVE YOU).

And we have a shitty credit rating because of the debt stuff and the fact that I chose to go to part-time work for my daughter's kindergarten year so that I could be around for her and took a significant fiscal hit because of it.

And no matter what the long-term implications are, I stand behind that decision. She's a far-happier and more secure kidlet because of it.

However, because I am the sort of person who believes that totally stupid stuff happens sometimes, I've decided that we need to buy a house.

With no downpayment. And a shitty credit rating.

I sent an email tonight to a friend of mine who is a mortgage broker. I've seen at least three houses in an area we would be happy to live in, and for which the mortgage payment is about what our rent is.

The only stumbling blocks are, of course, the complete lack of downpayment, and the shitty credit rating.

So um, Jeebus? Even though I don't believe in you if you would be kind enough to make this happen then I won't tell my kid the truth about your dad, ok?

Everyone else, if you could cross all possible fingers and toes, discuss things with your deity and maybe do a dance or something, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks In Advance.

I'll sacrifice some chicken nuggets for you - that always seems to help. =)
I will keep my fingers, toes and other parts crossed for you - though it will make knitting alittle difficult.

Best of luck, by this time next year, I picture you in your own home.
i'll be-a prayin'
My fingers are snuggly crossed for you, as are my toes. :)
ok. Talk to your broker friend and see if you can get a second mortgage for the amount of the down payment. Oftentimes the seller will pay the closing costs if you offer close to the selling price, otherwise, see if the amount of the 2nd to include the amount of closing costs.

And if all else fails, there's harvesting of AW's organs. I'm just saying....

I'm crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, ovaries...home ownership is always a much better way to go than throwing away money on rent.
Fingers, toes, and DPNs crossed for you. We bought our little house for no money down three years ago - the original owners offered a "carry-back", like a second mortgage for a small portion of the purchase price. It was a good decision, we've played the game well and three years later plenty of equity in the house.
Plus, it's ours.
Send me your address. I will send you some Christmas stuff. :D
What all of them said!

Especially the part about the second.
I think it's wonderful that you chose to stay home for your little person's sake. If I hadn't been the only person contributing to the mortgage since my mat leave ended, I'd have made a similar choice. Excellent long term implications for a great kid. Not so much help with the bank though.

Oh, and I'd like your address too please. Saw something today that made me think of you. (worried? you should be)
My kid is 11 and I'm still going through contortions so I can have as much time with him as possible. Hopefully I will be able to keep this house. Buying is good, and I will cross everything crossable, not give enemas to my cats, anything else that affects luck.
I'm pinching my peaches in your general direction (that would be clenching my butt cheeks, for you charm school drop outs.)

Oh yeah, I'm also tossing over my left shoulder, three sprinkles of nzqksj, for good measure.
I'm not sure what the prayers of a sinner are really worth, but you've definitely got mine.
I got your back baby --- you'd be surprised what I've got crossed!
Here's hoping. Will light a wish candle for you.
You've got my good wishes headed toward you! And I'll wear a cross-your-heart bra in your honor....
We were in much the same shoes and were able to get into a house with a good to great interest rate. We had almost nothing to put down and didn't pay a single closing cost. You can do this...knitting needles crossed for your own house.
Ugh. We were in (kinda sorta) the same way when we bought our house. No job for either of us, but decent credit, and we found a downpayment somehow.

I was out of work for 6 months, and when I finally got a job, it was barely enough to cover our finances. We re-fi'd the house and I changed jobs, and DH got a job, and we now have a 2nd that consolidated almost all of our debt.

It's been a long, difficult road to be on, but if you have faith that you're doing the right thing, it makes things so much easier to take.
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