Monday, December 12, 2005


Getting a Grip

First up, we have exhibit a:

the knittage of the brother

I would post a picture of my chest all puffed up with pride but this is a family channel (ha!).

Inertia has me in its grip of late. Inertia or Ennui or one of those Greek Goddesses anyhow. Maybe even Angst. The fact that I managed to go to work (got called in for an extra shift, thank dog) with pants on is pretty much the high point of my day. Oh yes, and I made coffee, too.

That being said, and The Christmas Knitting only barely being started, it is clearly time to Get a Grip.

Therefore I have added another project to the Christmas Knitting List.

What, you thought I was going to give it up? Dude. I'm not THAT depressed, yet.

I have added a hat for a friend and a couple of sets of stitch markers for another friend. (yes, that's actually two projects) plus a hat for me (three. shut up.).

There is no hope of finishing any of this for Christmas. I shall, no doubt, add another project tomorrow.

I did start a hat for myself with that very chunky stuff I was spinning (and then plying and knitting right off the bobbin, a la Lee Ann) but, as you can see, this is Slightly Too Big.

Here is the knitting. It looks like that on purpose.

This hat shall therefore be my husband's Christmas gift. A hat's not so much, but a hat built from the sheep on up should be enough.

I've also finished the first of my mother's ghastly ACKrylic orange dorm boots with fun fur cuffs. She asked for them, honest. I think she was even sober at the time.

All I need to finish now is a couple of pairs of Fuzzy Feet and the stitch markers and a couple of other bits.

Not a freakin' hope.

Think I should cast on a cat bed or something?

Perhaps a cabled afghan from handspun? *Runs away*
Well you should add something. I don't know if it's a cat bed (oh, bonus points for knitting a present for someone who doesn't know it's Christmas...excellent) or scotch, but you definitely need to add something.

I'd add another three hats and a cookie exchange.
Dude. Add a bottle of Scotch and a goal to bake nine kinds of pie for the holiday dinner to Stephanie's suggestion and you've got yourself a freaking Ho-lee-day. Rock on.
I think you should buy a sheep.
First, congratulations (to both of you) on the sibling knittage.

Second, it looks as though you're using the too-big hat to protect your anonymity. Too late, my dear.

Third, I think building a gingerbread house is missing from your to-do list.
I think you need to add an Aran sweater, a lace shawl, and at least one project with instarsia to your list. Just to make it interesting. Oh! And spin some silk from caps, too.

(Why yes! I am evil and must be destroyed, thanks for noticing!)
Hell, why not go all out and cast on for a lacey shawl, something that takes miles of wee yarn knitted on toothpicks?
I think you should bake cookies FOR ME, and add a Rogue sweater FOR ME to your list of Christmas knitting. Really. I realise this is just my opinion, but heck, what else matters? (heh)
Yeah, well I'm the last one in bloggarabbitchauniverse who hasn't received a green wash rag. In fact, until a couple weeks ago, I didn't exactly grasp the gist of the gift of the
Rabbitchuous washrag.

I guess you could say I was a virgin on the rag matters.

Just you knit, girl. Knit.
And dontchu pay no never mind to me, and my totterin' ways.
Your brother's doing rather well. Congrats.
In the USA, xmas is eleven days away. Is it farther down the the calendrical road in Canada?
Next year, xmas knitting starts in April.
Thank you for the encouraging comments...3 weeks of knittery (knittage?) and I have undone almost everything that I started, except for the possible dishcloth pictured above.

and yes, I know it isn't all about me..just wanted to post a comment since she was kind enough to post the scan of my first attempts.

the brother
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