Sunday, December 04, 2005



Not as in time to be down, but as in time when there is nobody else in the house and I'm actually not running about like a loon, trying to get ready for work. I might even get in a nap before my shift tonight, which would be nice (and likely wise).

I love working these graveyard shifts, and can't wait until I start doing them full-time on January 4. Last night was spent manually reviewing about 2600 records to compare birth dates and identify errors. And yes, I'm not being sarcastic, it brought joy to my slightly-ocd-little heart.

I can't get my own life in order, dammet, but I can sure as hell keep records straight.

My friend has taken Her Surreal Highness out for some sort of jollity, to be followed by an overnight at her house. She's even going to take her to school in the morning so I can get almost five hours of uninterrupted sleep (which is more than enough for me).

Faced with this vast amount of free time (somewhere around five hours) I should get started on my list of "things to do or people will come to your house and kill you", but I don't seem to be able to get motivated. I've done two loads of laundry and, of course, having absolutely no unfinished knitting projects (not to mention the no unfinished crocheting projects I also don't have), cast on a boring and tedious garter-stitch scarf that will eventually grace the neck of one of our more chemically-enhanced citizens at the downtown shelter.

Christmas knitting anyone? Not happening. At least not today, despite the fact that I have no cash whatsoever and if I don't do Christmas knitting there are going to be a lot of empty stockings hanging in front of my family's fireplace. Finishing several almost-done projects? Nope. Going to the post office to send off stuff that's ready to go? I doubt it. Finishing up some blankets that need maybe half an hour of work before they can go to the chillypeople on the streets? Forget about it. Making the rabbit that is all my friend wants in return for the 900 hours of childcare she's provided lately? As if.

Clearly I am as morally-bankrupt as the inc*stuous knittens (don't want that googled), and yet I feel no shame.

I do believe I may be a little burned out. Going to make toast and coffee and head to the bath with a trashy novel for a while.

Me relaxing? I think this may be one of the signs of the Apocalypso ...

i feel your pain...i could not force myself to do one more stitch on one more christ-mukkah blanket...i could, however, make myself a scarf :)
Why, exactly, are you feeling guilty about allowing yourself a few precious moments of peace? The fact that you even have downtime at all is clear evidence that you are in a weird time warp of some kind, so I think you are at full liberty to take advantage of it.
We had some free time ourselves on Friday and instead of doing Christmas-y type stuff, we veged and went to a wine bar and I did no knitting.

You needed this and I'm glad you didn't push yourself.
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