Monday, December 19, 2005


Door #1

To clarify about The Bathroom Door:

a) We work alone on the graveyard shift. We have to leave the door open to hear if the code alarms go off. If we don't hear the alarms and take appropriate action, people die.

b) No, it's not icky, as a rule. Our entire work area, which is a secure area into which nobody can enter without permission and into which nobody can see, is double-locked.

c) It is icky if unauthorized persons (i.e. the guards) come into the area without permission or warning.

d) The incident is being taken care of. We'll possibly both have to fill out some forms, Devon. Mine will have to be rewritten at least twice, as I don't believe they like to see "motherfuckers" quite so often as I would like to write it on an incident report form.

e) No, I'm not really getting a handgun. I may well get a baseball bat, though.

f) The incident was not repeated last night.

g) I'm going to go put up a Christmas tree now.

I tried to fill out one of those incident report forms after I got hit in the parking lot at work last week - I gave up and told them I would just hunt down the dude, since he works right down the hall from me and kick the crap out of him.

Stupid corporate America and their dumbass forms. (I'm sure it's just as bad in Canadia. :)
Well, that's a bit clearer.
Yeah for tree. Ours is up. The tree is mylar/aluminum and the color wheel is turning and that's all the decor it's going to get. I should go wrap things.
Thanks for pointing out that it's not icky. I was going to comment about that comment from whoever made that comment, but I didn't trust myself not to be indignant.

I have already filled out forms. Yippee.

I am too tired to make any sense. I go to bed now.
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