Thursday, December 08, 2005


Deck the Hos with Hunks of Holly

Or something.

My husband's company is having its Christmas party next week. We never go to any festive dealies, so I was surprised when he invited me. Even more surprised when I was able to get the night off work.


So now I'm faced with finding $20 to get my $800 suit cleaned (yes, times have changed, Ch├ęz Lapin -- I used to wear stuff like that) or sliding my skanky ass into my "oh my god is that painted on get the children inside look away Ralph!" black dress.

Or wearing something matronly and appropriate.

I've lost a ton of weight. I think we all know which I'm going to choose, no?

I expect he'll either be made a manager or get canned by the end of the month, depending on how reliable my foundation garments prove to be.

I promise we'll have batteries in the camera before then.

Be brave. Buy liquor.

Have fun. I always stress about what I'm going to wear to my hubby's work functions ... Usually I just wear "mommy clothes" but that doesn't work when the boss is taking everyone to an upscale resturaunt!! Ack! *lol*

Be brave. Buy liqor. :)
I have the same situation. I did go out and buy something to wear. I haven't lost lots of weight. I will just wear the outfit with slutty shoes to make a statement.

Be brave. Buy Licorice! :--)
I've only got my own Christmas party to go to this year, and the folks I work with are generally happy if I show up with clean clothes on. If I actually wear makeup to the do, they won't recognize me so I could really wear whatever I like. Except I've gained tons of weight this year and don't want to suffer the pain of fitting room mirrors in what's supposed to be a joyful season.
I'll be dressing up for BLINGs manager's party this weekend. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!
Wear the black dress and find the bucks you saved in drycleaning to get yourself a killer bra. Can't hurt ;-)

Oh, wait. That's bra shopping. It can hurt. Nevermind. Let it all hang out.

Blogger is heinously sadistic tonight. I've had wine, for chrissakes, and now I have to type zlcgqgqga to comment to you. Ouch. And dude, I just got it wrong and have to do it again. Gahhhh....
Ah yes, the constant decisions about the proper balance between festive and whorish . . .
I've got until New Years Eve to deal with the Outfit Finding Nightmare, but I don't dare look for anything until the very last minute. I'm (Successfully!!) dieting and should be a size smaller by then.

If you're like me, you'll try those outfits on a dozen or more times, each time selecting a different one, eventually wearing something entirely different.
Har har... where are the pictures? I'm home alone tonight while the spouse carouses with her colleagues.
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