Monday, December 05, 2005


Creeping Senility

Have I used this title before? Possibly. I'm so senile I can't remember.

Spoze I could Google myself to find out, but they say if you do that too often you'll go blind, and I can't afford to go blind because I've just lost my second pair of glasses in three days.

This is fine, they aren't prescription, but rilly. Dude. I can't see the newspaper without them (and I'm having a little trouble seeing the screen actually ... I should get these things tested one day).

I also sent my hubby a "honey we really need to talk about stuff but not until January" email (so now he's in a snit that will likely last a month), forgot to put out the garbage, left my child's hood to her only warm winter coat at work and, although I can't fucking SEE and my computer/knitting area is in a dark corner of the house, cast on a BLACK scarf. Oh yes, and I sort of wrecked my computer mouse (with beer) so now one button doesn't work and I had to reverse the button function and keep forgetting and wondering why the mouse is being weird.

No, I'm not pregnant, not unless there's a star in the East and three wiseguys are coming up the walk with presents (and I'll bet you were all just dying for that information, weren't you?), so I'm thinking that senility is the only answer, no?

I'm going to sit in the dark here and work on my black scarf until things make more sense.

Send candles. And a flashlight.

Candles winging their way.
no way should we send you candles --- can you imagine what you would do with fire in your hands??
sounds like we are rowing in the same boat....
I'm with you, honey. There's something in the air causing mental dysfunction in even the sanest of people.

I think it's Seattle Snow again ;)

I'd send candles, but they'd probably cause allergies or something, knowing my luck...
Honey - you hace bunnie balls. You don't need no steenking candles.

Merry Holidays!!

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