Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Christmas, Rehashed

The child slept until 8:30 and then got up and demolished the stockings. She was upset that there were no presents under the tree, but I explained that Santa had left them at Gramma's house and that was (marginally) cool.

She played with her stocking stuff(ers) and then went back to sleep, whereupon I snuck out, bought up every pink plastic toy in sight (at 50% off, thankyouverymuch) and went up to Gramma's and left them there (wrapped) so as to not be a liar.

She had expressed a wish for Ben and I to have presents as well, so I bought a purse and a kilo of coffee (both of which I needed) for me and some socks and underwear (again, needed) for Ben. I thought she might be miffed, but when push came to shove, all she wanted to know was which packages had her name on them.

She got a Bella Dancerella dance studio, some dolls and some makeup (she loves glittery stuff) from us, and a bunch of DVDs and clothes from my parents. All is well in her world.

As for the rest of the comments: I got out of cleaning up because that's my mother's house, not mine. If I tried to clean it up, I'd likely do something wrong and hear about it intermittently for the next 15 years. My mother seemed to like her earrings but I'll bet anyone $20 that I'll never once see her wearing them.

My cats stayed out of my tree, but I have no idea how or why. They pulled down a couple of strings of beads, that's it. Maybe it was just too skanky for them. The tree pictured there is my parents', and the penguin is due to my mother's obsession with them. They have a cat also but it wouldn't dare misbehave. I think it's scared of penguins.

And now it's time to pull all of this crap down and take charge of my life again. It's been kicking my ass a bit, of late.

Time to kick back.

I love the idea of a penguin on top of the tree....
Boy, that's pretty close to pulling Christmas out of a hat! Congratulations on a job well done...and in the nick of time.
Ana received the Bella Cinderella dance studio. What a hoot. It comes with a magic wand, complete with magical sound effects. Next time she wiggles that thing at me and says "I'm thirsty!" she's going to wish she could turn into a pumpkin.
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