Friday, December 09, 2005


The Christmas Knitting

I have not yet started The Christmas Knitting.

We are in a financial situation where, if I do not do any knitting, there will be no Christmas and yet ... even though I have not started The Christmas Knitting, or even The Spinning of Shit That We Need to do The Christmas Knitting, I have chosen a) to dye a large pot of Dorset wool, hoping to get more of that glorious yellow colour (which will be neither spun, gifted, woven nor knit for Christmas) and b) to spin some of Kermit, who has nothing to do with The Christmas Knitting whatsoever, and is in fact going to someone with so much going on in their lives that they would likely be happy to wait to April for it.

But I seem to think that The Christmas Knitting will all magically get done somehow.

This is my fantasy. Get out.

It sounds plausable.


Just moving (and having a shit paying job on top) have sucked my christmas dry too.

mmmkay... I'm going back to wait for the spinning fairy to finish spinning the roving I'm using to make Ene's scarf (from Scarf Style) Do you feel me? It could happen!
Ok. Does your fantasy also include Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger getting it on together as 2 cowboys? Oh, wait...that's a movie that "comes out" this weekend.

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