Sunday, November 13, 2005


What is this Sleep that you speak of?

I spent the day knitting kitty samosas (samosas for cats, not stuffed with cats) in between work-related hysteria and work-related work and such.

Late in the afternoon I got a call ...

I shall be spending the night at a different hospital knitting kitty samosas (again for, not with). There will be pretty much no work-related hysteria on this shift and definitely no work-related work, but at least I have miles of orange yarn and the internest to keep me company.

This craft fair may be fun after all!

(Tomorrow will not be, but at least I don't have littlegirls all day so I'll survive.)

Mmmm, kitty samosas . . .

Definitely no work related work? What is this Job that you speak of???
Now you made me want regular samosas for lunch. Darn you! Hope your body lets you sleep soon. Though perhaps not while on the "job" (despite there being "no work-related work" involved).
ummm... what's a kitty samosa?
A kitty samosa sounds like a good project for the sleep-deprived. I'm right there with you, getting a fitful four hours sleep a night for the next week and a half. Don't know how you do it all the time!
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