Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well Paint me Purple ...

... and call me Barney. Or something. I was trying to come up with some homespun expression of surprise but I think the brain is still mired in the 3 lbs of concrete mooshing around in my sinuses.

I sure hope nobody's going out to eat right after this post. If so, I'm sorry. At least I'm cheaper than Jenny Craig!

Anyhow, I'm surprised for two reasons, the first being that I'm always saying I'll do something "later" and never getting to it (such as the promised photo of my drunken night out with hubby) and here it is later and I'm blogging again as promised. The second is that there is a possibility that the earflap hat I'm making may actually be a hat, not a brassiere. It may even be child-sized.

Yes, I do always look this hot when coming off a four-day phlegmfest. Or when I've spent the night in a dumpster. That, too.

And for those who are still harbouring deep-seated resentment about the undelivered drunken night photos (completely unrelated to sausage-based resentment), the following will ably demonstrate why these were never posted.

This is the escalator coming up from the skytrain. It is one of the last few identifiable images from that night.

here is beer

here is Ben with beer. I'm drinking hefeweisen, hence the lemon. I'm not a complete loser.

*insert much merriment and drinkage of beer here*

The gently-weaving couple wends their somewhat-indirect way home:

oh look, honey, it's Howe Street! that sign is so funny! I must photograph it for my blog!

wait! dude, I just gotta get a photo of this! the kids back home won't believe this one!

bwaaahaaahaaa! a watch! oh ... oh fuck ... i can hardly ... a watch! hold still dude, lemme get a shot of that

this is the bathroom at the doughnut store. it wasn't very clean.

That, thankfully, was the last photo of the night.

Remember, kids, friends don't let friends photograph drunk. I hope you learned a lesson from this.

You're such a hoot ...
I hope you had a good time and not too much of a hangover after all that drinking and walking and picture-taking.
Pleeeease. You weren't that drunk--you could still operate a camera! or maybe just a well-functioning drunk. And certainly not a loser--are there only more lemons left for my beer? Oh wait, it's only 10:37am here. 1.5 more hours till drink time...
c'mon! drunken photography is the BEST!!
As I recall, Rosalind Russell wears the SAME hat in the fashion show scene of "The Women."
You could WALK, right? If you can walk, you can photograph.
Phew! That was the firs time in a long time I've actually been brought to tears while reading a blog post. Glad you're finally feeling semi-human again! And although I agree that the hat will probably just be a hat, it would look hot as a bra. At least on you.
Well, the lesson I learned was "Man, I gotta try that sometime" like when Jen and I get drunk together again.

Not sure that's the lesson you WANTED to impart, but hell, at least I learned something!
I agree with La... drunken photography sounds fun. :)
You're braver woman than I am (like that's hard!). I would never post a picture of myself after a four-day phlegmfest.
But I wouldn't look that good either.
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