Thursday, November 10, 2005


Thou Shalt Not Kill

Unless the asswidgets who own the place in which you live arrange to have the front of the house power washed, without warning, without consultation, without notice, and without consideration of the huge burlap sack of fleece you have sitting out front of the house.

If, when you leave your house, still sick, to go to work, you spy this:

outside your front door; then, verily, shalt thou kill. It's actually required.

This is the huge sack my friend Bill gave to me when I told him that I could take "a little" more fleece "later on". I think there are three Dorsets and at least two Cheviots in there.

I guess I'll spend part of tomorrow finding out the difference between a Dorset and a Cheviot fleece. And maybe most of tomorrow and the weekend finding out how much fleece I can wash before I start barfing.

Someone hand me my pointy sticks. I have some stabbery to commit.

hah. me thinks you doth protest too much.

happy washing.
You already have pointy sticks, you're a knitter! :)
Gasp - I don't even spin yet and I'm pissed off on your behalf at the asswidgets. (GREAT word, by the way. Must find ways to use it in conversation)
Asswidgets is EVEN better than assbeagles.

What would my pathetic vocabulary do without you, sweetiepie? :-)

Verily, I say to you, abwjeozl. Why? I have to, in order to comment.

That is truly horrible. Angry-making.

I know I am furious your friend Bill stuffed five sheep into that one little bag!
Please comment on the fine distinctions between an asswidget and an assbeagle. Thank you.
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