Sunday, November 06, 2005


There's Got To Be a Morning After

I spent the night trying to stay warm. Although sweating profusely (and I just know you all want me now) I couldn't stop shivering. Flannel sheepjammies (for the person who asked the other day, my mother bought them at Zeller's) two quilts, a small warm child (she insisted on sleeping with me to take care of me, and she's been sick for over a week with a "lighter" version of this particular doom anyhow, so we let her), several knittens and a hot water bottle were unequal to the task. Ben brought me a cup of tea and some Neo Citran and I finally managed to drift off. I believe it was the Neo Citran that did it, although a generous dose of G.K. Chesterton may also have contributed.

Unfortunately this morning found me even sicker than yesterday and I had to jam out on work again tonight. I haven't taken a sick day in the six months I've held a permanent position there (and I think I've cancelled one or maybe two shifts due to illness in the three years I worked there as a casual) so I've got a pretty good track record, but man, I hate doing that! I have a shitpile of work I want to do and had both of the nights pretty much planned out. Oh well, the best laid mice, and all that ...

MarQ1 made kindly enquiries as to who was going to write my obit and I wrote asking if he would like to take on the task, however this evening finds me greatly improved and I believe we shall have no need of his skill at this point in time.

Those of you who were coveting my stash may stop plotting. I think I'll live to knit another day.

Signs of improvement: I just ate my first real meal since Thursday. Signs of continued illness: I'm about to cast on an ACKrylic hat, and am looking forward to making it.

can you get emergen-c in canada? it is this super vitamin c stuff that comes in a little packet. it has something crazy like 5000% of the recommended dose of vitamin c and it usually blasts the life out of anything i get. hope you are feeling better!
the only thing that makes being sick halfway bearable is that i can knit to my sick heart's content, no body demands anything of me. at least you have that...if you can stop shivering long enough to make a stitch.

feel better.
Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the info on the flannel jammies. I saw a fabulous set myself the other day and have now, of course, completely forgotten where. That's just because I seem to be losing my marbles in rapid fashion these days though. Ah well. Sanity is overrated after all.

Have a hot bath - I have not yet met a shiver that could withstand that - and go back to bed.
I like Emergen-C, too. It helps replace electrolytes. Please don't ask me what electrolytes are. They go away when you get sick or dehydrated. And you need them back. So anyway.

Is your cough better? We all had whooping cough (pertussis) when my youngest was about 18 months old. My ex was the only one who didn't get it. Your cough sounds bad. (I mean virtually - I can't really hear you from here)
Good to see you didn't have to have an obit printed, although it might have been an entertaining read. Broken any ribs in the coughing, or still just waiting patiently to die now that it's Monday?
Good choice on the ACKrylic, or should we say hACK-rylic. No use coughing all over good wool.
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