Thursday, November 24, 2005



So this is what I've spun so far. There will be maybe two or three skeins, not much.

But I'm sort of proud of it. I'd knit with it. I'd buy it.

I just hope someone else shows up to the sale drunk.

It's all I have to offer.

it's gorgeous!!
I'd be proud too! The only thing better than admiring your yarn is spinning my own...gotta go, obsession calls!
It is very lovely!
Happy Turkey!
kermit pretty.
I'd be all over your lovely green stuff - although they could slap a "handspun" label on Lion BRand and mark it up and I'd probably buy it...your yarn is WAY better than Lion BRand.

I'm just jealous I can't spin my own. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to buy me a wheel. He's not biting. Any suggestions? :)

Happy Turkey day (even though you're in Canada!)

BTW - whatever happened to the egg yolk coloured roving? I'd be VERY interesteed in some of that...
Gorgeous - the perfect green. I'd buy it.

Also, so glad you are not frozen to the drum carder.

Also, since it is Thanksgiving and the vet is closed, our cat's butt smells horrible. TMI, I know, but I felt compelled to share.
Lookin' good! :)
Very pretty. Are you going to ply it or sell it as singles?
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