Monday, November 07, 2005


Send in the Clowns

Ad bake sure dey all hab bride red dozes just lige bide, k?

Actually it's not all that bad. I'm feeling considerably better (no longer fearing that I might not die) and I have found a number of reasons to actively attempt to continue living. The first being this email that I found in my inbox earlier this evening:



Hello Again, Moral, Upstanding Music FAns.

sometimes we do things that go against the tempermental conceptualization of good judgement. sometimes we use mic's and amplifiers to transmit this lack of judgement at a higher volume than one would normally recieve it. sometimes we play country music....


live at The Cottage Bistro
4468 Main St. and 29th
Tuesday, Nov 8
by dontation

The Family Stump is:

Jeff Younger - Pa Stump - gtr/vocals
Meredith Bates - Kitty Stump - fiddle
Mary Kastle - Daisey Stump-Butt - keys/vocals
Aaron Joyce - Dusty Stump - steel gtr/dobro/vocals
Russell Sholberg - Rusty Stump - dbl bass
Benji Bohannon - Enos-Willy Stump - drums

world premiers of compositional and social irresponsibility, including Keep
It In the Family, Daddy's Got Himself a Big One, Have You Seen My Taint?,
and You Done Broke My Heart. In the fine tradition of Frank Zappa and The
Oakridge Boys, come on out and hope nobody from the office sees you there.

Music starts at 8:45 with a solo set by Aaron Joyce. The Family Stump will
defile the stage shortly thereafter.

DIgg (a hole)


This is a very talented (albeit criminally insane) group of people and Jeff is pretty damned hot (as is his girlfriend, alas). If you're anywhere in the neighbourhood I would heartily recommend joining them for an evening of utterly tacky culture (oxen and morons equally welcome).

There's a PTA meeting (or what the fuck do they call them now PACs? I think so) at my daughter's school tomorrow night. Which event do you bet I'll be attending if I can find childcare?

Yeah, I thought so.

The second reason to maintain my feeble grasp on this mortal coil may be seen below:

This looks like some pretty serious acceptance

This too, despite the fact that 13 minutes after this shot was taken, Sasha killed and ate Diamond.
No, not really.
What sort of freak do you think I am??

One of the (few) joys of being on one's deathbed is that when one picks up the pointy sticks and looks determinedly at the wool, very few are brave enough to try to take those pointy sticks away and make one cook dinner. I have, therefore, managed to get a goodly portion of this hat finished. As is my wont, I neither swatched nor measured with the result being that there's something terribly wrong either with the gauge or with my ability to project the size of a finished garment. At this point in time it's looking pretty much like although I chose to make the smallest (child's) size of this hat, there's a fairly good chance that I will be able to tie the earflaps under my breasts.

If this is so, I shall try to sell it as a new look. Hell, with some of the stuff Knitty gets away with, I have half a chance.

Tune in for hat/foundation garment updates as they become available.

Hey, that'll give your shoulders a can market it as the no-mark, ouchless bra!
Have your small fluffy ones gotten to the point of doing enforced group bathing yet? Mine will often start off innocently enough bathing each other's ears or faces and then for no apparent reason it turns into an all out brawl. It's funny as hell.
I'll be anxiously awaiting your tittywarmer hat update. Can I get that in an F cup?

New jewelry+relocating to upstate NY= Very funny looks when I walk around with my hands in my bra.
With every post I am further reassured that you are not going to die. Keep up the good work!

If anybody from the editorial staff of "Knitter's" reads your blog, you can expect to see the "hat/bra" pattern published by next winter, if not sooner.
PAC- Parent Advisory Committee... and as a student whose parents go to them and complain bitterly that they are one of only 2 sets of parents that attend, I advise you to take knitting.
PAC is from a group called "High Schools that Work" everything that they do is always pc and hug yourself and quite odd
Pile of knittens! Yay! Mine have lived with each other for almost 8 years, they are half-brother and sister, and they still fight like mad. They sleep NEAR each other on my bed during the day. No touching allowed.
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