Monday, November 14, 2005


Samosas from Hell

Well, they're orange, I suppose they could arguably be from Hades, no?

To answer Rachel H's question, a kitty samosa is a square of knitted fabric, folded into a triangle and stuffed with fiberfill and catnip and often including a bell. Cats love them, people who have to buy gifts for cats love them. People who live with the cats and have to hear "jingle jingle jingle" at 3am? Not so much.

I'm working again tonight on the graveyard shift. Think I'll make another half-dozen or so in an obnoxious contrasting (clashing?) colour.

Real blogging again when I return from the dead.

Fuckin' A. Here I was thinking you were knitting up champagne and oj cocktails. For cats.

And while I admired your genious, I was simultaneously crazy, sexy, coolly envious of your cat-liked savvy.

Now? It's all good.
Hmm, I know some kittis on my christmas list. Thanks girly.

Yumm, you know? Samosas and mimosas sound wonderful! Is it lunch yet?
Put a little garlic powder in that samosa, and my cat would be all over it...

I've been considering crocheting something eggroll-ish out of twine for the orange crabby old man for Christmas--he likes the rough stuff.
I have to make a few for my mom's cats. I think.
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