Saturday, November 05, 2005


Remember, Remember, the 5th of November ...

... gunpowder, treason and snot.

Or something like that.

This is the first time I've been sick since I left my Evil Employer and I must say that I'm not enjoying it much.

TMI Alert! Danger Will Robinson!

Been coughing so hard I barfed. Every time I cough it feels like someone's either stabbing me or kicking me, and we won't talk about what that does to those whose stomachs are really not working like they should. Let's just say that I don't like being too far from the bathroom.

All I've managed to eat today is cough syrup, Imodium, Advil Cold and Sinus and a cup of tea. I think I'm going to follow that with a nice big mug of Neo Citran (this is five hours after the previous self-medication, don't panic) and crawl into bed with a hot water bottle and several warm knittens.

Work just isn't happening tonight, although I anticipate that I'll be back in tomorrow.

I did go out to the Artisans' Sale in Langley, seeing I really didn't think I could cancel last minute, but I had to leave before the end of my shift. I really shouldn't have driven that far when feeling this vile, but I didn't kill anyone, so all is good.

There was TONS of utterly amazing work and fibre to die for. I was actually happy that I didn't have any money, because if I had been flush (oh, I don't want to hear that word again) I would have had to throw out all of my dishes so I could stock the kitchen cupboards with llama and alpaca and merino silk and oh god everything.

Fortunately the Dreaded Lurgy that is trying to kill me at the moment has not yet robbed me of my sense of smell. The minute I walked into the hall I could smell the wool, and knew that I was among my people. (Man, I like that phrase).

The guild members were gracious and welcoming and the crowd was fun also. I got to see some lovely spinning and ogled some expert weaving as well.

As soon as I can stand upright for more than ten minutes at a time, I'm going to get this damned table set up and get my loom out.

For after all, what girl doesn't have time for just one more obsession?

Watch this space for updates or my obituary tomorrow.

Don't feel bad about the TMI, I'll share too. I'm taking a med for Bacterial Vaginosis (doesn't that just sound NASTY!?), and the meds are so disgusting that I just CAN'T swallow them anymore. They taste so bad that if I don't take them with juice, then I gag on them and throw up, and if I DO take them with juice, they immediately poof up and start to dissolve, so I ended up spewing up a powdery/grape juicy/nasty tasting glob and then dry heaving about 5 times before I could breath again. Bah.. BAH I SAY! So there, now you don't have to worry about TMI ;)
Who's doing the obituary?
You're not that far gone if you're still smelling wool. Provided you didn't hallucinate that part. Are you really supposed to do cough syrup, Imodium and AC&S together?
Careful with that Immodium, Rabbitch. My ex-husband once took so much that it bound him up for a week.

I'm laughing my ass off just remembering !!
Sorry I missed you, Rabbitch. It's too bad I only found out about you and the sale on the day. With a little more notice, I would have come out to meet you. Unfortunately, without advance planning, there's no way to get there on the bus by 3:00 if work goes until 1:30. On the other hand, it's just as well 'cause I have even less money than you.

I'd still love to meet you someday. You make me laugh so much. Are you going to Circle Craft?
oh i'm so sorry about the coughing. i was sick like that not too long ago. and i coughed until i barfed on several occasions. it's nasty. and it hurt. but it finally went away and i'm much better now, so take heart. i don't know aobut you, but i noticed that my cough was aggravated by allergies so when i was feeling better but still had the nasty cough, i took allergy meds and that seemed to calm a little. feel better.
Mine was just the green nose and throat mucus and the sinus headache. Day-um! I managed to skip the cough this time around.

Zithromax, Dayquil, Musinex in the a.m. and Tylenol Sinus subbing for the Dayquil at nigth and I am almost 75% 6 days later.

May your recovery be as fast as the onset was!!!
I hope you feel better soon -- my son did that the other day (coughed so hard he barfed). It's not fun for the barfer or the barf-cleaner-upper.
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