Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Not Quite Ready

You've heard the term "can't tell his ass from his elbow", yes?

Well, it would seem that I have an even greater level of confusion. Tonight I informed a coworker that one of our callers was having trouble speaking, and I believed it was because he had had an episiotomy.

After she recovered from her hysterics, she informed me that she thought that the term I was looking for was perhaps "tracheotomy".

I believe I'm not quite ready for the medical terminology test yet.

I also do not seem to be quite ready for the spinning. Got home, oiled up the wheel, got the wool all piled beside me and then started looking for my hand carders.

Apparently I am not intended to have hand carders. Although these are not the borrowed ones, which I returned after searching frantically for them for months, but are in fact my beautiful new (old) ones, they are nowhere to be found.

I know it seems foolish to use hand carders when I have that lovely big drum carder, however my reasons for this choice are many. I get home from work at 11 pm. I live in Canada. It is winter. The hand carders may be used indoors. The drum carder has to be set up on the table outside the front door. The heat, the tv (and the three DVDs with many episodes of Six Feet Under) and the beer are inside the house.

And it is winter. In Canada.

Anyhow, I do not have two months to search for the hand carders, as the craft show that will allegedly be teeming with knitters, all in a frenzy for my handspun, happens in three days. Two and a half now. Whatever. Soon.

It is midnight. I am heading out onto the tundra with a pile of kermit-green wool and the drum carder. If I never come back, you can have my stuff.

But not, of course, the drum carder, as I will be frozen to it out in the front yard.

yay, girl! hope the new job takes some of the pressure off for you. and (courtesy of your episiotomy) did you know you can snort yoghurt?? heh.
Congrats on the new job! Great stuff. I'm stifling the urge to pilfer your stuff enough to hope that you made it back inside to the comfy and warm and the beer at some point last night. And that kermit is behaving nicely on the wheel.
LOL ... Episiotomy! *giggle*
Well you are sort of in Canada. I don't think Vancouver weather really cuts it as 'Canadian' in the sense you are going for here. :-) I would have been reluctant to go out in our -10C weather to use that drum carder though.
Don't worry about the drum carder. I'm sure I could pry your frozen body from it.
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