Friday, November 18, 2005


Me? Oh Just Fine, Thank You

My life? Not so much.

Working extra shifts (yay for the cash!) knitting like a loon (yay for the cash!) having babysitting woes (yay for saving the cash because I can't get anyone to watch her when I need it!) and um, still sick (yay for the phlegm!).

OK, not so yay for the phlegm. Or for the cat who seems to have some sort of severe gastrointestinal issues. Not sick ... just ... farty.

do i look like the sort of cat who would put up with being called 'farty'? i think not. the big hairless cat with the opposable thumbs dies in her sleep tonight.

Regular bloggage will resume on Monday (when I should also know if I have my new job or not). In the meantime, go out and corrupt a non-knitter, just for me, mmkay?

I think I'll be extra nice to my cat today. Just in case. And I'll think lots of good news on Monday thoughts for you on the new job.
Good luck with the job, and hope you are feeling better. We've all had the TB cough - ugh.
feel better, chica. and lay off the cat comments or s/he'll speak to the HR person. heh. and I do love your turns of phrase. shhhh, don't tell anyone, but it's you that should be writing the next book, with all due respect to the T.O. harlot...
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