Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Joke of the Day

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Prospective employer.

Prospective employer who?

Prospective employer of the woman who you fired as a babysitter for complete and utter irresponsibility. (edit: this originally said "responsibility". That'll teach me to post when exhausted)


Heh. I said to my husband when I fired her, I wonder if she'll be stupid enough to still use me as a reference. I was joking, because nobody's that stupid, right?



I'll call them back tomorrow.

Oh. My. God. I wish you luck. that will not be an easy phone call.
Oh, jove, I must be meaner than you, because I think I would kind of enjoy it . . .
Oh, please have fun with this. It begs the touch of the Rabbitch.
Complete and utter responsibility?
Yes, 2, it was a typo, bite me. *g*

And yes, it will be a very easy phone call. I will inform them that she is no longer in my employ, and that I will not give her a reference. Pretty simple.
Sooo... would this former babysitter be an asselope, an asswidgit, or a new word? I do so like your new words.
I believe they call her using you as a reference "big cojones of solid rock" in my part of the world. Egad! I'd be tempted to tell them that her assholic behavior got her canned, but I supposed it's not always wise to take revenge on people of her ilk.
OMG! I can't believe she had the stupidity to do that. Have fun tomorrow :)
*lol* be sure to use phrases like "Ass monkey" and "total waste of space". I'm sure they'll LOVE those :)
Sheesh! No wonder you dumped her! Someone that stupid needs a keeper, not an employer!
Wow ... that's dumb.

You're going to give her a good reference, right? ;)
I hope you will say more than "I will not give her a reference"....
how about, "I will not give her a reference, but I will give her a swift kick in the ass?"
Legally I don't think you're allowed to give someone a crappy reference, strange as that may sound. Although I think that's something a former employer told me, so it may not even be true. Of course, you can make your feelings clear without actually saying anything bad; I remember standing next to an asshole boss of mine while he was on the phone with a prospective employer of a girl who had quit her job with us because she couldn't handle the assholery of our boss anymore, and he just kept answering questions with statements like, "well, she had her moments".
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