Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'll Get You, My Pretty

And your little dog, too!


My brother has just asked to borrow some knitting needles and has also asked for yarn.

I'm pretty sure he won't be joining me in making kitty samosas this year, but next year, I expect dishcloths for Christmas! (crap, I think I just gave away what you're getting this year, hon. sorry! at least they won't be green.)

My daughter has informed me that she's getting me "another spinning wheel, a niddy noddy and 'the best wool in the world'" for Christmas. She also wants a spinning wheel of her own.

My husband still wants a drop spindle.

I'm pretty much finished corrupting my family. Lock up your families; I'm coming to your house next.

(And while you're busy locking all of the doors and windows, tell me what the hell I should give my brother for yarn! Answer fast, I'm taking it to him tomorrow. We have: a) ACKrylic, so that there is no remorse when it is frogged 800 times and then thrown out; b) light pink or apple green baby alpaca/silk but it's sort of light weight for a first project and it's not a colour that would look good on him; c) some Top of the Lamb in black but I think it's sportweight, again sort of light for a first project; d) Paton's Decor in dark sage, 25% wool, 75% ack; e) I could spin some Romney I've dyed and have sitting in the storeroom or f) I could hunt for that grey Magpie that I didn't list on eBay yet. I'm leaning towards the Paton's because it's easiest but the Romney also appeals if I can find three hours tonight ... and of course the Magpie would impress all of the other kids ...)

Might be too late for this, but my vote is the Paton's. Second choice the acrylic, despite the ack! factor.
Good job, your work is done. Let it be a shining example to those of us who slack behind.
Oh! You're just evil, downright evil!
I'd start with the drop spindle. He'll appreciate the wool more. Might even wash it for you.
Dude, give the man a spindle. You will have a willing sheepshit washer in about five minutes. Trust me.

As for kitty hood, it was kitty hat with hood mommy improvised as she went along, swearing all the way. I didn't write down what I did. I was too distraught. But get any balaclava pattern and do what this pattern tells you to do for kitty ears, and I tell you, the premature 5-yr-old PMS will come to a screeching halt. For about five minutes. Each year, it comes to a screeching halt for one minute of every year she's been in the world. I'm so lucky, I get seven minutes.

Here you go, kitty hat ear reference: http://www.kittyville.com/knit/kitty_hat.html

Calls for worsted. Do it in a DK or fingering and you got yourself a kid kitty hat. Or do...gasp...math to adjust for kid head. Ears remain the same. Have a wicked good time, honey :-)
both my brothers are woodworkers. do you think i could talk them into learning to knit? hah! however, i might be able to finagle my one sister in law (we aren't discussing the other one). she's good, i bet she could learn. and i've tried to corrupt my family. my mother crochets (she learned after i moved out, lol, at 56!), but neither of my girls is interested. my older son (13) started to show some interest, but then he decided playstation was much cooler. the only of my children i've been able to corrupt is my youngest son. and since he's adhd, we can't do more than a row or two, and he's off again.
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