Wednesday, November 09, 2005


If This Is Wednesday ...

... well then, it's probably the middle of the week.

Could I get any lamer? You bet I could -- just stay tuned. (I've learned that the secret to blogging is to have no shame whatsoever. At least that's what's working for me. No, I won't tell you how many visitors a day I get here. Shut up.)

We had no littlegirls to watch this morning and Missy Moo had a bit of a fever, so I kept her home from school and managed to get quite a lot of sleep today. Hauled my tired carcass into work tonight to discover that a job that I really really really want is going to be posted tomorrow, and that I'm likely going to be the most senior qualified candidate. This is, of course, because the job pretty much blows goats (all graveyard shifts) and nobody but me (and possibly Rachael actually LIKES staying up all night for work.

Yes, there are possible pitfalls but the BIG plus is that it would add more than 50% more per month to my salary. Not often you can get that without having to strap on knee-pads, hmm?

Um, not that I'd know.

Anyhow, if everyone would kindly keep all of their fingers, toes -- and anything else that seems appropriate -- crossed, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll know within two weeks.

Now? I'm going to go and clean the litterbox in celebration.

Don't you just wish you were me?

And of course, you know taht we are all sitting with crossed everything for you (except fingers--makes knitting too difficult!)
All appropriate things crossed as much as possible without doing myself an injury!
All things crossed. You know as well as I do, nothing says celebration like a fresh catbox!
Good luck, toots!
Wooo, good luck! Glad you are feeling better, and I hope that her higness will be feeling better soon.
I'd give you a full litany of everything I've got crossed at this point, but you don't wanna know. And it's making it very hard to type. But good luck!!!
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