Friday, November 25, 2005


If At First You Don't Succeed

Ply, ply again.

So I plied the singles back on themselves. It's thick, it's thin, it's chunky and funky:

There's about seventeen yards of something that I don't know if it's even very good. I mean, it's not even, it's clearly "art" yarn (we are avoiding the term "novelty" as it gives us hives).

I think it's pretty (the colour is fairly accurate). Heck, I'd buy it but then again I'm the one who made it so I may be a little prejudiced in its favour, si?

I'm going to see if I can spin enough to at least get a couple hundred yards, so it's worth someone's time and effort. If nobody buys it this weekend, well, the homeless need scarves. And I'm in urgent need of a hat.

Win/win, don'cha think?

I bet it will knit up really nicely. I have found that some of the unevenness disappears when knitting. Not sure why.
You should see how uneven the black llama I'm spinning is, and it's the fibre's fault, I swear...not carded very well, and my dog brushes aren't big enough to get the rest of the weird fuzzy bits out. So they stay in, and they don't knit up badly. Brioche stitch covers a loooot.

Good luck this weekend!

My verification word today is "goukp."

Go U, K(nit), P(url).

Dude, I have had nowhere near enough coffee today...
I like it! the color is nice, it's similar to some roving I died this week. I also find that much of the thick and thin goes away when knitting, in fact, I sometimes emphasize the thick and thin so that at least some of it's coolness will show. and yes, i call it 'art yarn' also, 'novelty yarn' gives me hives too.
I bought some yarn from Habu that was thicker and thinner than that, on purpose. So yes, art yarn.
It's beautiful, and sortof shiny!

I'm leaving out the part about what other yarn it reminds me of.

I think that it is a very pretty colour, and would make great scarfs or hats.
It is lovely. I am so impressed you made that. Nice for hats/scarves/mitts.
mormon green jello yarn...i freakin love it!
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